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Sheriff's Office

Letter from James Kenne, State Director
Date: 5/24/2011
Dear Sheriff Babeu:
This letter is to express my appreciation for the support you provided the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) during a cleanup and road restoration project on April 30, 2011, in the Sawtooth Mountains area of the Ironwood Forest National Monument in Pinal County. The purpose of the operation was to restore areas damaged by drug and human smugglers.
You provided a crew of 15 inmates from the jail, along with supervising detention officers. Those inmates, employing muscle power only, gathered large rocks and used them to build barriers blocking an illegal road used by smugglers. The crew from the jail worked hard, and their accomplishments were evident. Please pass along, as appropriate, my message of appreciation for their efforts.
My thanks, to, to your detention officers, who provided oversight and security for our operation. Their presence in uniform, in addition to overseeing the inmates, helped establish the sense that the area was actively supervised by law enforcement officers. That made it safer for civilian volunteers and BLM staff cleaning up trash left behind by criminals.
While the BLM took the lead in this cleanup effort, it was very much a joint operation. In fact, your deputies joined BLM rangers, Border Patrol agents and officers from Eloy, Florence, Casa Grande, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety in the sweep of the area in the days leading up to the operation. I appreciate your making the deputies available for that effort, which in turn, established law enforcement control and allowed for the success of the cleanup.
The volunteers, working for about 2 ½ hours, gathered an estimated one ton of trash in 69 bags. In addition, the road blocked by your inmates is no longer a corridor for criminal activity.
Thank you for the support you gave to this operation. I am pleased with the cooperative ties that our law enforcement rangers have with your staff. I continue to get good reports of collaboration and joint operations involving your officers and ours. Thank you for your continuing work to make public lands safe for law-abiding people.
James G. Kenna
State Director