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Sheriff's Office

Email from Pinal County Resident
Date: 11/14/2014

Tonight-11/14/14- I came home after being gone a week. When I came into my home I noted the turn ‘thing-y’ on the dead bolt on the inside of the door was off and  laying on the ironing board against the wall. This frightened me so I didn’t go inside but went across the street and called 911.


I could not have asked for better treatment or more professionalism than I got from your department. The operator who took my call was efficient and reassuring. The officers arrived at my home quickly. They even brought a dog. They were efficient and reassuring and extremely professional. I was embarrassed because no one had been in my home so I called them out for nothing. They said that’s what they are here for and to call anytime I need to. The thing is I felt that they meant it.  


I can honestly say that, because of tonight’s experience, I feel safer in my home and in my community. I am 65, I was born in Pinal County and am retired from Pinal County. My father was a PCSO deputy who died of a heart attack while driving to work in 1957. My mother stayed in touch with his work buddies who are all retired and mostly deceased. Because of this I have always been interested in how and what the Sheriff’s office is doing and have paid attention. In my opinion the current Department is the best we have ever had.