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Sheriff's Office

Letter from Pinal Council for CASA/Foster
Date: 11/9/2015
Dear Sheriff Paul,
Thank you for supporting our Pinal Council for CASA/Foster organization with your generous donation of $5000 to purchase tickets to our PCCI Comedy Night.  You have helped meet our primary goal to assist the special and unmet needs of CASA/Foster children in Pinal County.
There are more than 1200 children in the Pinal County system as of today.  Each day the number grows as children are being taken from their homes.  You can be assured that your donation will go towards helping a CASA/Foster child of Pinal County who is a ward of the court.
We partner with Sylvan Learning Centers and are sending Pinal County children who have been placed in valley homes to their local Sylvan Learning Centers.  The Sylvan Learning Center gives individual attention and personalized teaching.  They work on emotional goals by building self-confidence as they encourage a love of learning.  Progress reports are given every 36 hours of instruction.  The children have shown great growth in learning through this program.
We developed a Shadow Employment program with P.A.Y.S. to help those that are aging out of the foster system at age 18.  Central Arizona College is working with these young adults to encourage them to continue their education wile working and learning to be self-sufficient.  PCCI gives them $500 to buy books and register for the semester and if they make good grades we again help them.  We have one young lady that will soon be graduating from Arizona State College with a degree in Education.  She has been in the system since she was 15 and we have supported her throughout the years.  We are very proud of her and her accomplishments.  This is one of our success stories.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Your support reflects your commitment to the children of Pinal County.  You will help make a difference in children's lives.
Carmen Auza


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