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Suspect Deported 14 Prior Times After Entering the United States Illegally
Posted: 3/25/2014 12:00 AM
On Sunday, March 23, 2014 at 1:34 p.m. a Pinal County Sheriff’s K-9 Deputy was on patrol eastbound on Interstate-10. The deputy observed the driver of a 1999 Honda Civic commit a traffic violation. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled over.

Inside of the vehicle were the driver and three passengers. The deputy could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle. The driver verbally identified himself as Cesar Martinez (age 23 of Mexico). Cesar told the deputy he had just purchased the vehicle today from an unknown female. Cesar also told the deputy, he did not have a driver’s license because he was in the United States illegally. None of the other three passengers had a driver’s license and all admitted to being in the United States illegally. One of the passengers in the vehicle was verbally identified as Tomas Rivera-Flores (age 33 of Mexico).

Tomas told the deputy and it was later confirmed by U.S. Border Patrol that he has already been deported from the United States 14 prior times.

The K-9 checked the vehicle and was able to confirm the vehicle had been used to transport marijuana but the marijuana was removed from the vehicle before the traffic stop occurred.

All four individuals were turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol for deportation. The vehicle was seized as it was used to transport illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Paul Babeu, “If the border is as secure as the president and his administration say it is, one would then have to wonder how Tomas Rivera-Flores can enter the United States illegally so many times. His prior fourteen deportations only represent the instances he was contacted by law enforcement not the total number of times he entered illegally. If Tomas can cross into the United States from Mexico this easily, it stands to reason that those from terrorist organizations are able to as well.”
Public Information Officer

Jim Knupp

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