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Sheriff's Office

Report Border Crime

The Border Crimes/Anti-Smuggling Unit of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office is an investigative unit focusing on human and drug smuggling in order to disrupt, dismantle and prosecute those responsible or affiliated with this type of activity. Though immigration enforcement is primarily the duty of the Federal Government, because Pinal County citizens and visitors are increasingly the victims of these crimes, the Border Crimes/Anti-Smuggling Unit will focus on criminal activity associated with human and drug smuggling crimes that endanger members of our community.

The Border Crimes/Anti-Smuggling Unit is comprised of a full time supervisor and four deputies focusing on

   - Roadway and highway detection,
   - Community and citizen complaints and
   - Self-initiated investigations
To further increase the safety of the community, the Border Crimes/Anti-Smuggling Unit also shares resources, intelligence and information with cooperating local and federal law enforcement agencies. Below is a citizen information form that can be completed online and will send information directly to the Border Crimes/Anti-Smuggling Unit. For emergencies or violent crimes in progress please dial 911.