Food Vendors

If your event involves the cooking, preparation, and selling of food, you will need to apply for individual food vendor permits for each vendor at your event. (If you are only selling pre-packaged food such as candy bars or bottled water, these do not count as "cooked or prepared" foods and would not require a food vendor permit)

There are actually two applications to address for the handling of food.  The first application is filled out by the sponsor of the event, and gives an overview of the event and indicates how many vendors will be on site. This is called the "event coordinator" permit and is normally required at the same time an event sponsor initiates the whole event permit process.

The second type of food permit is called the "food vendor permit", and is to be filled out by each vendor describing the type of food to be served to the public. These individual permits must be submitted to Environmental Health, Food Division, no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event. Food Inspectors will be scheduled to attend the event and inspect each food vendor stand during the event, so the two weeks is required in order to set up their schedule ahead of time. These food vendor permits cost each vendor $25, and may be either brought into the Pinal County Florence Office, Bldg F, or may be submitted by mail to Erica Rodriquez or Don Thomas at 31 N Pinal St, Florence AZ, 85132 with a check for $25 for each submittal. There is no actual permit sent back, but a food inspector will be scheduled accordingly. It is suggested, but not required, to have all vendor applications submitted at one time by the event sponsor to ensure adequate review and to make sure that all vendors are included for inspection.

 Contact Information

Environmental Health

Erica Rodriquez at 520-866-7962

Don Thomas at 520-866-4442