Gila River Indian Community

Gila River Indian Community is located on 372,000 acres in south-central Arizona, south of Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler. The reservation was established by an Act of Congress in 1859. The tribal administrative offices and departments are located in Sacaton and serve residents throughout the seven community districts.

There are three industrial parks housing 36 operations located on the reservation. The community's farm grows crops such as: cotton, wheat, millet, alfalfa, barley, melons, pistachios, olives, citrus, and vegetables on 12,000 acres.

Scenic Attractions

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, a four- story pueblo built by the Hohokam Indians in the 13th century. Along Interstate 10 at the Casa Blanca interchange is the Gila River Indian Center, they sell the finest selection of Southwest Indian arts and crafts including pottery, basketry, jewelry, carvings and paintings. The center also contains an excellent museum and restaurant/coffee shop. Gila Hertiage Park features self-guided tours of traditional Indian homes from the Pima, Maricopa, Papago and Apache tribes. The annual Tribal fair "Mul-Chu-Tha," with it's parade, Indian dances, All-Indian Rodeo, arts and crafts, and food sales held in February in Sacaton.The events are very popular with tourists and residents.