Starting a career in your hometown is something Gilbert Hoyos knew was a good choice when he decided to stay here in Pinal County. A growing area with tons of potential made this the ideal place for Gilbert and his family.

Gilbert is the youngest lieutenant at Pinal County's detention facility. He loves what he does and is humble about the opportunities that have enabled his success. "I like the challenge of being a leader and training people," says Hoyos, who got his start as a detention officer with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office in 1996. Following his father's lead, working for the county proved to be the right move as Hoyos quickly rose in the ranks to corporal in 1998, then sergeant, and finally to his current position of lieutenant. Hoyos owes much of his success to the county's support of his education and career growth. "There's a lot of support here. It's like one big family."

As for his own family, Gilbert is committed to raising his three children in Pinal County. He believes in the opportunities and less hurried lifestyle he's enjoyed growing up here. When he's not working as lieutenant, Gilbert volunteers as a little league coach and DJs for events in the area. He sees the recent growth of the county as a good thing, bringing more jobs and entertainment to families in the area while keeping a strong sense of community. Gilbert Hoyos is part of what's making Pinal County such a great place to be these days. He found his opportunity here. Will you find yours?