City by city, wireless access in Pinal County is getting easier thanks to the vision of Toronto native Allan Meiusi. Allan's company, Wi-Vod, builds wireless broadband voice and data networks for communities like Pinal County. Pinal County has grown so quickly that it's important to keep pace with technology and provide the necessary services to newcomers and more opportunities for jobs. Meiusi is bringing wireless technology to an area ripe for expansion.

Meiusi recognized the opportunity to fill a void that competitors hadn't, and followed it up with action. Allan started with the town of Superior, and, in three months, the town had wireless access. Residents and small business owners can access the internet faster and with more flexibility now than ever before. "Within two weeks of installing the network, a woman told me that now she can home school her kids," says Meiusi. Allan has gotten used to positive feedback about the doors that his wireless services have opened.

He specifically cites the support of Pinal County's management as crucial to his success. "They're a real partner in this project and they understand the broader vision of how bringing in wireless technology can help a developing community in huge ways. In a phrase, 'they get it.'"

With the success of a test-run in Superior, Meiusi is gearing up to bring wireless networks to an additional 17 towns and cities in Pinal County. Thanks to Allan, Pinal County is more connected now than ever before, and so are the residents here. Visit Pinal County's website, and see how you can connect with a growing place with great potential.