Retirement in Pinal County isn't for the faint of heart, as the Roadrunners RV Club knows quite well. These three gals and the rest of the Roadrunners are out and about enjoying the wide variety of activities that Pinal County has to offer, including skydiving.

These Apache Junction seniors are more active than most people a third their age. Hitting the road and making the most of their retirement, the Roadrunners are a part of the growing population of retirees in Pinal County. With so many things to do, why wouldn't they want to be here? Traveling the Southwest makes for interesting sights and a lot of fun. Their schedule is usually full, with trips to New Mexico and Tucson, just to name a couple. The fun isn't just for seniors like the Roadrunners, though. There's a lot to do around Pinal County these days, from hiking to skydiving to RVing, and as the growth continues there's more on the way.

Whether it's skydiving or wine tasting, Pinal County offers the Roadrunners the sun, space and services to do just about everything but slow down. So if you're the type who's always jumping at new experiences, maybe you should try landing here, too. Get out and see what Pinal County has to offer.