Deb Smith is living her dream. Her 40-acre ranch just off the main highway in Florence, Arizona is a true throwback to the old West, and has been home since 2002.

A native of North Dakota, Smith traded life on the Great Plains for the desert beauty of the Southwest when she moved to Pinal County in 1991. "I've always been a 'small town' person," says Smith, "I like the small town atmosphere here. The people are friendly and I love the beauty of the desert."

Her Gotno Morgan Guest Ranch welcomes visitors from far and wide seeking to board their horses, explore the many riding trails, or just relax in the quiet of the Sonoran Desert. Old rocking chairs, wagon wheels, and an open-air barn that doubles as a Western bar lend character to the ranch that has become a popular gathering spot for local events.

When asked what makes her corner of Pinal County different from other places in the area, Smith again points to the desert. "There's a really different desert out here. It's lush and open, but you wouldn't know unless you got off the highway and explored." If Smith gets her way, she'll have plenty of time to explore more of the desert she loves once she retires. Join Deb and the countless others that are moving to Pinal County, and find your opportunity.