About the Union Pacific Red Rock Project

Union Pacific has proposed to construct a new classification yard to meet demand for increased freight rail service in Arizona. It will serve as a driver for economic development in the region and Arizona without impacting the desert landscape or interfering with sightseeing and tourist attractions. 

Built with modern best-practices that address environmental concerns, the proposed Red Rock Yard will safely create  jobs and attract business, adding to the many  reasons why industries should locate in Pinal County. The Union Pacific Red Rock Yard has the potential to

  • Create thousands of permanent new jobs
  • Increase long-term investment in the local economy
  • Attract industrial developments along or near the I-10 corridor
  • Build communities by increasing opportunities
  • Raise the value of existing properties by making Pinal County more desirable
  • Generate up to $2.3 billion in tax revenue over the next 20 years
  • Decrease reliance upon property taxes, easing private-sector tax burdens 


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