Job Creation & Community Benefits

The Red Rock Project will be a long-term boost for economic development, creating one of the largest logistics centers in the Western United States. Union Pacific alone will create hundreds of permanent job positions and promote development of untold job numbers related to manufacturing industries using the yard.
By attracting industrial developments along the I-10 corridor, investment in nearby communities will increase. The Red Rock Project will enhance Arizona’s competitive future by creating an anchor to attract manufacturing investments. This 250 acre project will be surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of industrial land that has the potential to be served by rail.

 Long-Term Economic Benefits of Red Rock Classification Yard

Red Rock Classification Yard would have direct long-term and ongoing benefits to Arizona and Pinal County for the next 20 years.*
  - Cumulative economic impact: $25.6 billion
  - Employment: 6,276 direct and 6,206 indirect jobs
  - Tax revenue: $2.3 billion
*Based on research conducted by Insight Research corporation of Dallas, TX

 A Railroad Renaissance



 Vibrant Future

"Railroading has had a long and colorful history, and has served as the backbone for both American industry and population expansion. But, unlike many other businesses which date back to the 1800's, railroading may be heading towards an equally vibrant future."*

*Source: AZ Public Media 

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