Coalition to Establish a Major Union Pacific Railroad Facility at Red Rock

The following individuals fully support the establishment of the UPRR railroad facility at Red Rock because we know that it will bring jobs and prosperity to the surrounding area. Our people are hurting and they need jobs for their individual and collective pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This facility will produce hundreds of direct jobs. In turn, this facility will be the economic engine that will create one of the largest logistics centers in the Western United States, resulting in thousands of well paying jobs. We call on all political, governmental and commercial entities in Arizona to support this coalition and the establishment of this job creating facility. Arizona only works when the citizens of Arizona are working. 

 Project Support Documents

Andy BiggsSenate Majority LeaderAZ Senate
Al MelvinSenator LD 26AZ Senate
David GowanRepresentative LD 30AZ House
Don ShooterSenator LD 26AZ Senate
Frank PrattRepresentative LD 23AZ House
John FillmoreRepresentative LD 23AZ House
Lori KleinSenator LD 6AZ Senate
Michele ReaganSenator LD 8AZ Senate
S. YarbroughSenator LD 21AZ Senate
Terri ProudRepresentative LD 26AZ House
Bob StumpCommissionerAZ Corporate Commission
Gary PearceCommissionerAZ Corporate Commission
Anthony SmithCounty SupervisorPinal County
Cheryl CaseDistrict 2 SupervisorPinal County
Pete RiosDistrict 1 SupervisorPinal County
Stephen MillerDistrict 3 SupervisorPinal County
Todd HouseDistrict 5 SupervisorPinal County
Bryan MartynFormer Pinal County SupervisorPinal County
David SniderFormer Pinal County SupervisorPinal County
Douglas WolfAssessorPinal County
Paul BabeuSheriffPinal County
Fritz A. BehringCounty ManagerPinal County
Henry WadeDemocratic Candidate for Dist. 4 SupervisorDemocratic Party
Jeff A ActonRepublican Candidate for Pinal County Tax AssessorRepublican Party
John R ActonRepublican Candidate for Dist. 2 SupervisorRepublican Party
Pat PrinceCandidate for Pinal County Supervisor District 5
Belinda AkesCouncilmemberEloy City
Rob HudelsonCouncilmemberCity of Coolidge
Vallarie WoolridgeCouncilmemberTown of Florence
Barry BroomePresident & CEOGPEC
Mark RosemaPresidentEvergreen Maintenance
Craig TindallSpecial CounselCity of Glendale
J. ChristensenManagerCasa Grande Apts.
Jeanne SaponBusiness Development ManagerDBA Construction
Jim RhodesDirector of Small BusinessCentral AZ College
Scott BowlesEconomic Development CoordinatorTown of Florence
Steve BrownBuilding Safety DepartmentPinal County
Tim BrownVP Branch Manager Bank of the West
Tim KanavelEconomic Development Mgr.Pinal County
Andrew SBusiness Owner
Bob Wallace, MBABusiness OwnerWIH Resource Group, Inc.
Brian GiancolaBusiness OwnerGiancola Builders
Carol ReeceBusiness Owner
Charlotte WesterBusiness Owner - Real Estate AgentBambis Team
David GrayBusiness Owner
David KurtzBusiness OwnerTrack One LLC
David L OrrisBusiness Owner
David ReeceBusiness Owner
Ed StolmakerBusiness Owner
Eddy FrancoBusiness Owner
Gayle K. HaroAcademic Chair - Business DivisionCentral Arizona College
Gino TarantiniBusiness Owner
Gino Tarantini Business Owner
Joe HooverBusiness Owner
Joe RamirezPrivate Citizen
John R. McCombsBusiness Owner
Julee BaxleyBusiness Owner
Kathy FritchiePrivate Citizen
Kenneth P. SmithBusiness Owner
Michael PorterBusiness OwnerAAR Thompson Designers, Inc. - Architect/Engineer
Randy BlountBusiness Owner
Randy RutledgeBusiness Owner
Rich SchiffliBusiness OwnerArizona Armament LLC
Richard TinkerBusiness Owner
Rod ReasnerBusiness Owner
Ron ReinagelBusiness Owner
Russell WebbBusiness Owner
Socorro Galusha LunaBusiness OwnerEloy Job Club
Steve KloberdanzBusiness Owner
Steve PattenBusiness OwnerSan Tan Metals, LLC
Steven TittleBusiness OwnerGateway Crate & Freight
Terry ChickBusiness Owner
TJ MurrellBusiness Owner
Wes Sukosky Business Owner
William BettcherBusiness Owner
A MatusakPrivate Citizen
Adelaido Y RodriguezPrivate Citizen
Albert DarePrivate Citizen
Albert KingsburyPrivate Citizen
Amanda Arbogast Private Citizen
Amanda FallisPrivate Citizen
Andrea KennedyPrivate Citizen
Andrew HiebPrivate Citizen
Andrew StewartPrivate Citizen
Angela BusoPrivate Citizen
Anthony MartinPrivate Citizen
Anthony MorenoPrivate Citizen
Anthony RaambaudPrivate Citizen
Arleigh Harrett, IIIPrivate Citizen
Arline StudleyPrivate Citizen
Art CarltonPrivate CitizenCasa Grande
Aubrey RambaudPrivate Citizen
Barbara KunzPrivate CitizenCasa Grande
Barbara ShupertPrivate Citizen
Berenice BustamantePrivate Citizen
Bill Palmer Private Citizen
Billy Chavez JrPrivate Citizen
Brad KempfPrivate Citizen
Bradley ThurkowPrivate Citizen
Brandon EvansPrivate Citizen
Bret RobertsPrivate Citizen
Brian BartronPrivate Citizen
Brigette SandovalPrivate Citizen
Brittain KellyPrivate Citizen
Bruce HorkenPrivate Citizen
Carl RayPrivate Citizen
Carlos MorenoPrivate Citizen
Carol PlathePrivate Citizen
Carson CookPrivate Citizen
Charisse JohnsonPrivate Citizen
Charles A. ColePrivate Citizen
Charles B. PeeblesPrivate Citizen
Charles D. HamiltonPrivate Citizen
Christopher SteinlePrivate Citizen
Chuck PerrPrivate Citizen
Clarice WilliamsPrivate Citizen
Clarice WilliamsPrivate Citizen
Clarissa AlvarezPrivate Citizen
Colin RateyPrivate Citizen
Conner L McClurePrivate Citizen
Craig McDadePrivate Citizen
Craig S. RendahlPrivate Citizen
Crystal MillerPrivate Citizen
Dakota LikewisePrivate Citizen
Dan BenjaminPrivate Citizen
Dan HeuerPrivate Citizen
Dan TomasettiPrivate Citizen
Daniel HughesPrivate Citizen
Daniel LopezPrivate Citizen
Daniel SlaterPrivate Citizen
Daniel SlaterPrivate Citizen
Daniel VickPrivate Citizen
Daniel WomackPrivate Citizen
Danny StonePrivate Citizen
Darrell FritchiePrivate Citizen
David B. BartonPrivate Citizen
David BeckwithPrivate Citizen
David RamsowerPrivate Citizen
David RamsowerPrivate Citizen
David Ray MontijoPrivate Citizen
Dean WhitneyPrivate Citizen
Deborah LamkinPrivate Citizen
Debra SchooleyPrivate Citizen
Denise OrozcoPrivate Citizen
Dennis R LivingsPrivate Citizen
Dennis SandersonPrivate Citizen
Diana OwensPrivate Citizen
Dick KroesePrivate Citizen
Djalmo A. SoltauPrivate Citizen
Don LuttrellPrivate Citizen
Donald ArsenaultPrivate Citizen
Doris BurkallPrivate Citizen
Dr. John RileyPrivate Citizen
Dustin YubetaPrivate Citizen
Ed MearsPrivate Citizen
Ed MearsPrivate Citizen
Edward LilliePrivate Citizen
Elena SannikovaPrivate Citizen
Elia ManjarrePrivate Citizen
Elisabeth WheelerPrivate Citizen
Eric GonzalesPrivate CitizenRed Rock Resident
Erika FavelaPrivate Citizen
Ernesto LeonPrivate Citizen
Eva RomoPrivate Citizen
Eva RomoPrivate Citizen
Fran BeriauPrivate Citizen
Francisco Rodriguez JrPrivate Citizen
Frank BishopPrivate Citizen
Frank BishopPrivate Citizen
Frank J. SeifertPrivate Citizen
Fred MacKenziePrivate Citizen
Gail LaCrossePrivate Citizen
Gem CoxPrivate Citizen
Georgia PradoPrivate Citizen
Gerrit Van Der StarrePrivate Citizen
Gerry KaufholdPrivate Citizen
Gordon GeigerPrivate Citizen
Greg RobertsPrivate Citizen
Greg ThornbergPrivate Citizen
Gregory E HoltzPrivate Citizen
Harold RichardPrivate Citizen
Heather BrownPrivate Citizen
Helen SmithPrivate CitizenCasa Grande
Henry AvechucoPrivate Citizen
Herbert W. MayerPrivate Citizen
Israel PinoPrivate Citizen
Ivan AbramsPrivate Citizen
Ivan AbramsPrivate Citizen
J C FitePrivate Citizen
Jaci MatlockPrivate Citizen
Jack CodyPrivate Citizen
Jack DeboltPrivate Citizen
James G. SkeltonPrivate Citizen
James Thomas Babst IVPrivate Citizen
Jan CollingwooxPrivate Citizen
Jared FosterPrivate Citizen
Jaret MillerPrivate Citizen
Jason CastilloPrivate citizen
Jason StummPrivate Citizen
Jayson JamesPrivate Citizen
Jean PublicoverPrivate Citizen
Jeff BrownPrivate Citizen
Jeff RabendaPrivate Citizen
Jeff WisePrivate Citizen
Jeffrey BernardoPrivate Citizen
Jennifer ThurkowPrivate Citizen
Jereme J. OrtegaPrivate Citizen
Jeremy LaggePrivate Citizen
Jerry H HedayatiPrivate Citizen
Jerry MonteverdePrivate Citizen
Jesse William FerrierPrivate Citizen
Jill LoBoscoPrivate Citizen
Jim GerrosPrivate Citizen
Jimmy RaglandPrivate Citizen
Jodi MoorePrivate citizen
John EbertPrivate Citizen
John FlowersPrivate Citizen
John MontgomeryPrivate Citizen
John R. McCombsPrivate Citizen
John StebbinsPrivate Citizen
Jon SnowdenPrivate Citizen
Jonathan HallPrivate Citizen
Jonathan HopkinsPrivate Citizen
Jonathan Sukosky Private Citizen
Jose hernandezPrivate Citizen
Joseph DudaPrivate Citizen
Joseph M. BacaPrivate Citizen
Juan C FraustoPrivate Citizen
Judith HennessyPrivate Citizen
Kanton WashingtonPrivate Citizen
Katie JoyPrivate Citizen
Kellee AdmirePrivate Citizen
Kenneth Kiehne Jr.Private Citizen
Keri MaturoPrivate Citizen
Kevin RobertsonPrivate Citizen
Kim CarltonPrivate CitizenCasa Grande
Kim McClurePrivate Citizen
Kimberly McCarthyPrivate Citizen
Kirk WinesPrivate Citizen
Kyle LucianoPrivate Citizen
Kyle Tourtellot Private Citizen
Lany Kay MartellPrivate Citizen
Larry WagonerPrivate Citizen
Laura CalvertPrivate Citizen
Laura OverstreetPrivate Ctizen
Laura R. HintzePrivate Citizen
Lawrence VillalobosPrivate Citizen
Lee M. CooperPrivate Citizen
Manuel BustamantePrivate Citizen
Margaret SofianosPrivate Citizen
Marie HarrettPrivate Citizen
Marie StudniarzPrivate Citizen
Mark BennerPrivate Ctizen
Mark CruzPrivate Citizen
Mark HughesPrivate Citizen
Mark LaBreePrivate Citizen
Marvin BrownBusiness Owner
Matt LouzenskyPrivate Citizen
Matthew SecristPrivate Citizen
Matthew SnyderPrivate Citizen
Melinda WeihePrivate Citizen
Michael D. VigilPrivate Citizen
Michael JacobsonPrivate Citizen
Michael MrozPrivate Citizen
Michael SearlePrivate Citizen
Michael ZimmerPrivate Citizen
Mitchell ValdezPrivate citizen
Molly RamsowerPrivate Citizen
Neil MacdonaldPrivate Citizen
Nicetas SpencePrivate Citizen
Nicki NelsonPrivate Citizen
Nicole ChancePrivate Citizen
P A SmithPrivate Citizen
Pascal Weihe Private Citizen
Patrick SodenPrivate Citizen
Paul CochranPrivate Citizen
Paul DininoPrivate Citizen
Paul PenaPrivate Citizen
Paul SchowPrivate Citizen
Paul V KnappPrivate Citizen
Paula BartronPrivate Citizen
Pedro EspinozaPrivate citizen
Pisoot SenethavilayPrivate Citizen
Precious HallPrivate Citizen
Rafael Raygoza Private Citizen
Raymond PetrulskyPrivate Citizen
Real DaiglePrivate Citizen
richard colemanPrivate Citizen
Richard D. Brinkley Private Citizen
Richard SantasieroPrivate Citizen
Richard SantasieroPrivate Citizen
Richard SantasieroPrivate Citizen
Richard Velasquez Jr.Private Citizen
Richard WilkiePrivate Citizen
Rick PlathePrivate Citizen
Rick WheelerPrivate Citizen
Robert MaturoPrivate Citizen
Robert T. EllisPrivate Citizen
Robert W. DoughtyPrivate Citizen
Rocksie MorrisPrivate Citizen
Roger NelsonPrivate Citizen
Roman KosowskiPrivate Citizen
Rosanne AlvarezPrivate Citizen
Ruben TiznadoPrivate Citizen
Ryan OestreichPrivate Citizen
Ryan WittePrivate Citizen
Sarah DuartePrivate Citizen
Scott LindstromPrivate Citizen
Segismundo JacquezPrivate Citizen
Shanlynn RabendaPrivate Citizen
Shawn SpahrPrivate Citizen
Socorro Galusha LunaPrivate Citizen
Stephen FoxallPrivate Citizen
Stephen JohnstonPrivate Citizen
Steve BaysPrivate Citizen
Tami TomasettiPrivate Citizen
Tammie HughesPrivate Citizen
Tara KeilyPrivate Citizen
Tawnya SteenersonPrivate Citizen
Terry AbramsPrivate Citizen
Thomas NelsonPrivate Citizen
Tim SteenersonPrivate Citizen
Timothy FisherPrivate Citizen
Tom BeanPrivate Citizen
Tom KramerPrivate Citizen
Tom MaddenPrivate Citizen
Tracy PeteringPrivate CitizenRed Rock Resident
Troy DeckertPrivate Citizen
Troy RaymondPrivate Citizen
Valente RoblesPrivate Citizen
Vern StoverPrivate Citizen
Vince Leach Private Citizen
Vincent ManfrediPrivate Citizen
Vincent YubetaPrivate Citizen
Ward BakerPrivate Citizen
Wayde Gutman Private Citizen
Wes LaCrossePrivate Citizen
William C PalmerPrivate Citizen
William StokesPrivate Citizen
Belinda CotaPrivate Citizen






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