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Public Service Informational Brochure



The staff at the Pinal County Elections Department felt it time to publish an informational brochure to give the public a better understanding of  our departments'  responsibilities in conducting elections.  We also wish to assist those qualified electors contemplating elective office in obtaining the necessary information provided by this department.

The Pinal County Elections Department provides professional support of elections by furnishing vote tallying equipment, voting supplies, equipment and administrative assistance.  We ensure adequate number of voting precincts, along with suitable polling places and qualified personnel to process voters during election day.  The Elections Department prepares and conducts in a correct, uniform and impartial manner, federal, state, county, city/town, school and special district elections according to Arizona Revised Statutes.


Arizona consists of fifteen counties, each having the following governmental structure: a sheriff; a county attorney, a treasurer, an assessor, a superintendent of schools, and three or five supervisors each elected to office for a four-year term beginning on the first day of January following the General Election.

Pinal County was established on February 1, 1875 employing parts of Maricopa and Pima counties.  It derives its name from the Pinal Apaches or "pine groves in the mountains."  Privately owned land makes up twenty-six percent of the county.  Four Indian Nations - the Maricopa (Ak-Chin), Gila River, Tohono O'Odham and San Carlos - occupy twenty-three percent of the county.  Some of the state's richest farmlands are within the boundaries of the county.

Poll Workers Appointment & Training

The Board of Supervisors, through the Elections Department shall appoint for each election precinct one Inspector, two Judges, at least two Clerks and an Election Marshal.  The appointments shall be made not less than 20 days prior to a primary or general election from a list of qualified voters provided by each of the two largest political parties 90 days prior to the primary or general election.  The Inspectors, Marshals and Judges shall be divided equally between the two political parties casting the highest number of votes in the state at the last general election. [A.R.S.§16-531 & 16-535]

Within 45 days prior to an election the Board of Supervisors through the Elections Department shall conduct training for the Inspectors, Judges and the deputized counting center officers to instruct them in their duties and related election law.  Each worker, upon successful completion of the attended course of instruction, shall receive a certificate of completion from the Elections Department stating the worker's name and the course of instruction completed. [A.R.S. §16-532(A)]

The compensation of Election Board Officials shall be fixed by the Board of Supervisors or jurisdiction in charge of the election.  In no case shall an Election Board member be paid less than $30.00 per day. [A.R.S. §16-536]

Anyone interested in serving as a Poll Worker, should contact their Political Party Chairperson,  the Elections Department at (520) 866-7558, or the jurisdiction holding the election.

Party Chairpersons & Precinct  Committeemen

Any member of a recognized political party who is a registered voter in their resident precinct is eligible to seek the party office of precinct committeemen in that precinct.

The minimum duties of a precinct committeeman is to assist the political party in voter registration drives,  neighborhood party campaigning efforts and to get the voters to the polls on election day.  Additional duties shall be as provided for in the state committee bylaws of the party. (A.R.S. §16-822)

The Pinal County Elections Department maintains an updated list of number of Precinct Committeemen which may be appointed to each precinct.  Staff works very closely with Party Chairpersons to maintain accurate records of the ongoing appointments, vacancies and elected Precinct Committeemen.

Party Chairpersons:
     Democratic Party

David Coward
Democratic Chairperson
Ph: (480) 678-1756

     Republican Party

Michael Burke
Republican Chairperson
Ph: (609) 772-0100

Candidate Filing Information

Packets containing candidate information, petitions and forms required to be filed, may be obtained from the Pinal County Elections Department.  Prospective Pinal County candidates, both for public office and for the political party office of Precinct Committeemen, must file the required forms and petitions with the Pinal County Elections Department in Florence.  Candidate nominating procedures are covered in A.R.S. §16-302 through §16-352.

Prospective candidates for Federal, State Offices and for membership on the Arizona State Legislature file with the Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division, State Capitol, West Wing, 1700 West Washington, 7th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85007, (602) 542-VOTE (8683).

Candidate Campaign Political Committee Filing Information & Enforcement

All required financial reporting forms for prospective candidates are prescribed, prepared and printed by the Secretary of State. These forms are included in the Candidate Packet and are filed with the Pinal County Elections Department.  Additional forms are available upon request.

If a candidate RECEIVES or EXPENDS more than $500 in connection with a campaign for public office the candidate must organize a Political Committee,  and comply with all campaign finance reporting laws.  The required forms must be filed with the Pinal County Elections Department.   (A.R.S. §16-901 - §16-918)

Political Committees that fail to file timely campaign finance reports are liable for a civil penalty of $25.00 each day that the report is delinquent and will be notified by the Pinal County Elections Department.  For further information, please read Chapter 6, Title 16, Arizona Revised Statutes.  Penalty information may be found in A.R.S. §16-918 (F).

Educational Programs: High School Student Body Elections; Kids Voting; Special Organizations Elections

The Pinal County Elections Department assists various organizations with their election needs.  Demonstration equipment is available for those not familiar with our voting system or equipment.     Staff has found it very beneficial and educational  assisting the High Schools, with their Student Body Elections. If anyone is interested in further details regarding High School Student Body Elections or Kids Voting, you may contact this office at (520) 866-7550.

Political District Maps

The Pinal County Elections Department's base wall maps depict the various jurisdictions within Pinal County.  These maps include Community College Districts, School Districts, Justice of the Peace Precincts, Supervisorial Districts, Legislative & Congressional Districts and Precinct boundaries.  Maps may be purchased for $20.00 each.

Jurisdictional Contract Services

The Pinal County Elections Department and the Voter Registration Department participate in various jurisdictional elections within Pinal County.  Contracted services include; Special School Board Elections, School Overrides and Bond Elections, Improvement Districts Board of Director Elections, Cities and Towns Regular and Special Elections.

All election services are conducted at a minimal fee to the jurisdictions.  For further information, please contact the Elections Department at (520) 866-7550 or you may contact Voter Registration at (520) 866-6862.

Secretary of State Certification Program Mandated [A.R.S. §16-407] for Election Personnel

Election Personnel is mandated by Arizona Revised Statutes to become a certified Election Official or become re-certified every two years prior to a major County wide election in accordance with A.R.S. §16-407.  Staff prepares and conducts in a correct, uniform and impartial manner, federal, state, county, city/town, school and special district elections in accordance to the Arizona Revised Statutes.


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