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Previous Campaign Finance Reports
expandAmanda Stanford
Amanda Stanford Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Amanda Stanford Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Amanda Stanford Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Amanda Stanford June 30 20142014
Amanda Stanford Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
expandAnthony Smith
Anthoney Smith Pre General Election Report2016
Anthony Smith 1st Quarter Report2017
Anthony Smith 2nd Quarter Report2017
Anthony Smith 4th Quarter Report2016
Anthony Smith August 26 2016 Report2016
Anthony Smith January 31 20162016
Anthony Smith June 30 20162016
Anthony Smith Post General Report2016
Anthony Smith Post Primary2016
expandArnold Estrada
Arnold Estrada Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Arnold Estrada Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Arnold Estrada Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
expandCheryl Chase
Cheryl Chase 1st Quarter Report2017
Cheryl Chase 2nd Quarter Report2017
Cheryl Chase 4th Quarter Report2016
Cheryl Chase August 26 2016 Report2016
Cheryl Chase January 31 20162016
Cheryl Chase June 30 20162016
Cheryl Chase Post General Report2016
Cheryl Chase Post Primary2016
Cheryl Chase Pre General Report2016
expandDan Miller
Dan Miller August 26 2016 Report2016
Dan Miller CAC Post Primary2016
Dan Miller Post General Report2016
Dan Miller Pre General Election Report2016
expandDonald W Jones
Donald W Jones June 30 20162016
expandDouglas Coleman
Douglas Coleman January 31 20162016
expandDouglas Wolf
Douglas Wolf 4th Quarter Report2016
Douglas Wolf August 26 2016 Report2016
Douglas Wolf January 31 2016 AMENDED2016
Douglas Wolf January 31 20162016
Douglas Wolf June 30 20162016
Douglas Wolf Post General Report2016
Douglas Wolf Post Primary2016
Douglas Wolf Pre General Election Report2016
expandGlenn Walp
Glen Walp June 30 20162016
Glenn Walp August 26 2016 Report2016
Glenn Walp January 31 20162016
Glenn Walp Post Primary2016
expandIrene Littelton
Irene Littelton August 26 2016 Report2016
Irene Littelton Post Primary2016
Irene Littleton June 30 20162016
Irene Littleton Pre General Election Report2016
expandJacqueline Minto
Jacqueline Minto August 26 Report2016
Jacqueline Minto June 30 20162016
Jacqueline Minto Post General Report2016
Jacqueline Minto Post Primary2016
Jacqueline Minto Pre General Electin Report2016
expandJeff Cross
Jeff Cross August 26 2016 REport2016
Jeff Cross Post Primary2016
expandJill Brousard
Jill Brousard 1st Quarter Report2017
Jill Brousard 2nd Quarter Report2017
Jill Brousard August 26 2016 Report2016
Jill Brousard Post Primary2016
Jill Broussard 4th Quarter Report2016
Jill Broussard January 31 20162016
Jill Broussard June 30 20162016
Jill Broussard Post General Report2016
Jill Broussard Pre General Election Report2016
expandJim Hartdegen
Jim, Hartdegen, January 31 20162016
expandJohn Ellsworth
John Ellsworth January 31 20162016
expandKaye Dickson
Kaye Dickson August 26. 2016 Report2016
Kaye Dickson June 30 20162016
Kaye Dickson Post General Report2016
Kaye Dickson Post Primary2016
expandKent Volkmer
Kent Volkmer 1st Quarter Report2017
Kent Volkmer 2nd Quarter Report2017
Kent Volkmer 4th Quarter Report2016
Kent Volkmer August 26 2016 Report2016
Kent Volkmer June 30 20162016
Kent Volkmer Post Primary2016
Kent Volkmer Pre General Report2016
expandKevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor August 26 2016 Report2016
Kevin Taylor January 31 20162016
Kevin Taylor June 30 20162016
Kevin Taylor Post Primary2016
Kevin Taylor Pre General Election Report2016
expandLando Voyles
Lando Voyles August 26 2016 Report2016
Lando Voyles January 31 20162016
Lando Voyles June 30 20162016
Lando Voyles Post Primary2016
Lando Voyles Pre General Election Report2016
expandManuel Vega
Manuel Vega August 26 2016 Report2016
Manuel Vega June 30 20162016
expandMark Lamb
Mark Lamb 1st Quarter Report2017
Mark Lamb 2nd Quarter Termination2017
Mark Lamb 4th Quarter Report2016
Mark Lamb August 26 2016 Report2016
Mark Lamb January 31 20162016
Mark Lamb June 30 20162016
Mark Lamb Post General Report2016
Mark Lamb Post Primary2016
Mark Lamb Pre General Election Report2016
expandMichael McCord
Michael McCord August 26 2016 Report2016
Michael McCord January 31 20162016
Michael McCord June 30 20162016
Michael McCord Post Primary2016
Michael McCord Pre General Election Report2016
expandMike Goodman
Mike Goodman 1st Quarter Report2017
Mike Goodman 4th Quarter Report2016
Mike Goodman August 26 2016 Report2016
Mike Goodman June 30 20162016
Mike Goodman Post Primary Report2016
Mike Goodman Post Primary2016
Mike Goodman Pre General Election Report2016
expandPatrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson January 31 20162016
expandPaul Babeu
Paul Babeu January 31 20162016
Paul Babeu Termination January 31 20162016
expandPC Libertarian
PC Libertarian 1st Quarter Report2017
expandPete Rios
Pete Rios Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Pete Rios Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Pete Rios Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Pete Rios June 30 20142014
Pete Rios Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
expandRich Vitiello
Rich Vitiello 1st Quarter Report2017
Rich Vitiello August 26 2016 Report2016
Rich Vitiello June 30 20162016
Rich Vitiello Post General Report2016
Rich Vitiello Post Primary2016
Rich Vitiello Pre General Report2016
expandRuss Kimball
Russ Kimball January 31 20162016
expandSan Tan Valley Right to Vote
San Tan Valley Right to Vote 2nd Quarter Report2017
San Tan Valley Right to Vote 1st Quarter Report2017
San Tan Valley Right to Vote Committee Statement2017
expandShaun Babeu
Shaun Babeu Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Shaun Babeu Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Shan Babeu Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
Shaun Babeu June 30 20142014
expandSteve Henry
Steve Henry Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Steve Henry Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Steve Henry Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Steve Henry June 30 20142014
Steve Henry Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
Steve Henry 1st Quarter Report2017
Steve Henry 4th Quarter Report2016
Steve Henry August 26 2016 Roport2016
Steve Henry January 31 20162016
Steve Henry June 30 20162016
Steve Henry Post General Report2016
Steve Henry Post Primary2016
Steve Henry Pre General Election Report2016
expandSteve Miller
Steve Miller Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Steve Miller Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Steve Miller Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Steve Miller June 30 20142014
Steve Miller Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
expandTed Gremmel
Ted Gremmel August 26 2016 Report2016
Ted Gremmel June 30 20162016
Ted Gremmel Post Primary2016
Tisha Castillo 1st Quarter Report2017
expandTisha Castillo
Tisha Castillo August 26 2016 Report2016
Tisha Castillo Post General Report2016
Tisha Castillo Post Primary2016
Tisha Castillo Pre General Election Report2016
expandTodd House
Todd House Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Todd House Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Todd House Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
Tod House Pre-Primary Election Report-August 20142014
Todd House June 30 20142014
expandTom Sorenson
Tom Sorensen Post Primary2016
Tom Sorenson August 26 2016 Report2016
Tom Sorensen June 30 20162016
Tom Sorensen Pre General Election Report2016
Tom Sorenson Post General Report2016
expandVirginia Ross
Virginia Ross Post-General Election Report-November 20142014
Virginia Ross Pre-General Election Report-October 20142014
Virginia Ross Post-Primary Election Report-September 20142014
expandWayne Bachman
Wayne Bachman June 30 20162016
Wayne, Bachmann January 31 20132016
Wayne Bachman August 26 2016 Report2016
Wayne Bachmann Post Primary2016