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The Pinal County Elections Department organizes and conducts in a correct, uniform and impartial manner all Federal, State, and County Elections. It assists all county jurisdictions with conducting their elections. And it ensures that the electoral process and voting procedures are in compliance with Section 5 of the Federal Voting Rights Act.
What do you need to do?
Applications must be completed 29 days prior to an election.
  A schedule of upcoming local, state & federal elections.
Remain on the permanent early voting list until you cancel.
  View required campaign financial donation reports of candidates.
View results of the most recent local, state & federal elections.
  Find your polling (voting) location for your precinct.
Where ballots received at the polls are scanned and tabulated.   Running for office? Learn about deadlines and requirements.
Resources for Pinal County's Poll Workers   Check the status of an early ballot by using the Early Ballot Search.

General Election – November 8, 2016
Pinal County Elections Adopted Fee Schedule
General Elections Information
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