Library Policies and Procedures

Acceptable Use Policy

The Pinal County District Library offers access to a variety of electronic resources that bring a wealth of information to customers of the Pinal County Library District. Computer equipment and software available for use at the Pinal County District Library is owned and maintained by the Pinal County Library District; access to the Internet is provided by the Pinal County Library District. In order to encourage the responsible use of these resources by our customers, the Pinal County District Library has established the following definitions, guidelines and policies based on the Pinal County Library District’s Acceptable Use Policy.

While these resources include free access to the Internet, the library is not and does not intend to be a full-service Internet provider. The library is responsible only for information pertaining directly to the library and its services. It does not control the availability of external connections to other computer systems that may change unpredictably. Services which may not be available include newsgroups, chat, telnet and personal e-mail accounts.

Individual assistance on using the library’s resources to access the Internet is available upon request. Library staff is able to answer brief questions and offer some suggestions on where to search for information. However, library staff does not provide in-depth training in the use of the Internet.

Customers and staff who use the library's Internet connection are subject to the following policies and procedures.

Filtering Software

Despite the unregulated nature of the Internet, FCL acknowledges the need for children to have an age-appropriate Internet experience. As called for by ARS Title 34, Chapter 5, filtering software is intended to provide an option for parents and children when searching the World Wide Web. Filters limit materials accessed by the user, although they do not guarantee that objectionable material will not be seen. As with other library materials, restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

Things to know about the Internet: The following activities are prohibited: Violation of Acceptable Use Guidelines:

Customers whose behavior is inappropriate for a public library will be asked to modify their behavior. If they fail to do so, they will be asked to leave the library premises. Consistent with this policy, library customers who violate any of the Acceptable Use guidelines may have their library use privileges suspended and be asked to leave the library. Individuals who are found to have repeatedly violated any of the Acceptable Use guidelines may have their library use privileges terminated. This decision may be appealed to the Library Director. The Director's decision is final.