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The Public Works Transportation Construction section is responsible for the implementation of all design and construction infrastructure in Pinal County. We have three designated areas and a project manager for each area to oversee design and construction. These three main areas cover seven maintenance yards and five Board of Supervisor districts.

How does Public Works Transportation Construction Manage Pinal County?

To adequately manage Pinal County's infrastructure the Public Works Transportation Construction section have three Project Managers to divide coverage.  Within the three main areas we have several maintenance yard areas and Board of Supervisor districts. 

Pinal County Public Works has seven maintenance yard areas:

  • Hidden Valley
  • Casa Grande
  • San Tan
  • Apache Junction
  • Riverside
  • Oracle
  • Arizona City

Pinal County has five Board of Supervisor districts:

  • District 1- Supervisor Vice-Chairman Pete Rios
  • District 2- Supervisor Mike Goodman
  • District 3- Supervisor Chairman Steve Miller
  • District 4- Supervisor Anthony Smith
  • District 5- Supervisor Todd House.

Five-Year Transportation and Maintenance Plan
The Pinal County Transportation Construction section evaluates all potential projects within a Five-year Transportation and Maintenance Plan.  All projects handled by a Five-year Transportation and maintenance Plan (TIMP) preserves and improves Pinal County's infrastructure while ensuring the efficient use of public funds.  It is a five-year plan that promotes such needs for: highways, streets, roads, bridges, mass transit, airports and airways, water resources, etc. 


Angeline To

Area 1 Project Manager

Celeste Pemberton

Area 2 Project Manager

Lindsey Randall

Area 3 Project Manager

John Kraft

Special Projects Manager


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