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Surrendering a Pet

The Shelter is currently full and we are operating a waitlist for surrenders. Please call if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

Home To Home gives people who can no longer keep their pets the opportunity to find new, loving homes without having to drop pets off at the shelter.

What type of shelter is Pinal County Animal Care and Control?
PCACC is a government municipal shelter and are required to accept domestic dogs and cats for surrender. However our facility is run with a “Capacity of Care” protocol, meaning you must make an appointment to surrender your pet. PCACC has the right to refuse a pet without an appointment or when our shelter is at capacity. If the owner lives in a jurisdiction that has their own Animal Control Agency they must surrender their pet to that agency. We will not accept it.

Are Animals "Euthanized" at Animal Care and Control?
Yes however, PCACC does not euthanize any healthy treatable animals or any animal for space due to overcrowding. If an animal is truly a high risk to the safety of the public, or is irremediably suffering and PCACC cannot find another outlet, they may be euthanized. PCACC is committed to finding the best outcome for every animal before euthanasia is even a discussion. Every animal in our facility deserves a conversation about their life, especially if it is a decision of life or death.

Does Animal Care and Control Attempt to Place as Many Animals as Possible?
Yes. Every effort is made. The shelter works with many rescue and animal welfare groups as well as with the public in order to find placements for as many adoptable animals as possible.

I Cannot Keep an Animal. Are there any Alternatives to Surrendering an Animal to an Open Admission Shelter?
Depending upon your circumstances and why you need to surrender an animal, there may be other alternatives available. Following is a list of common reasons for owner surrenders, with available resources and ideas that you may find helpful. Help us save more animals by taking responsibility for yours. The best place and chances for a good life for your pet is in your home with you, as there is ALWAYS a surplus of pets awaiting a home in our shelter and others.

Printed Resource Material
Please ask a staff member for availability of printed resource material you may take with or about any questions you may have on the following.

Select one for more information:

2) Advertise Your Pet / Get the Word Out:
  • Start with a flyer: Advertise as widely as you can, in as many places as possible. Creating a flyer is a great way to start. To easily make a flyer, go to
  • Contact as many rescue groups as possible. Find a listing at
  • Place a classified ad in your local paper.
  • Place a “pet for sale” ad on Craigslist (“Free to a good home” pet ads are not recommended).
  • Post your pet on adoption websites such as PetFinder ( and social networks, like Facebook, and the Best Friends Network:
  • Use any and all of your community contacts. Don’t underestimate word of mouth.
For general information on the above, ask a PCACC staff member for the Best Friends Animal Society document titled “Finding a New Home for a Pet,” available in English and Spanish. Or, for detailed information on rehoming pets, visit their site at:





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