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Frequently Asked Questions
expandHow can Adult Probation help?
Probation services offer an array of benefits to the individual offender, the community at large, and to the criminal justice system. By remaining in the community, the offender has access to their support network and employment, which allows them to contribute productively to their community. Probation also attempts to help address the underlying issues of crime, such as alcohol/drug use, mental health concerns, homelessness, and unemployment.
expandHow do I contact my Probation Officer?
Your probation officer will give you a contact card upon meeting him or her during your initial visit. If you need additional assistance contacting your probation officer please Contact Us and we will provide you with the proper contact information.
expandHow do I get my civil rights restored?

A conviction for a felony suspends many civil rights. After completion of probation, you can file with the court to have those rights restored. A packet with the instructions and forms are available through the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior Court and online at:

expandHow many people are on probation?
At the start of FY 2019, probation has served 6,381 unique individuals and directly supervised 3,400 clients.
expandIs there security at the probation offices?
For your safety, as well as all visitors and employees, security personnel, security cameras, and metal detector screening are used at the Pinal County Superior Courthouse. Weapons and contraband are not allowed in the building. Satellite offices utilize screening devices, as well, to include metal detecting wands.
expandWhat documents will I need to provide to probation?
We will need copies of your personal identification (such as an ID or Driver’s License, birth certificate, passport, or visa); employment verification; residence verification (utility bill or lease agreement); medication information; and documents related to any treatment or community restitution that you are involved in.
expandWhat is an undesignated felony?
An undesignated felony is considered a felony until successful completion of probation. If you complete the court requirements and achieve your goals while on probation, the Court may designate the offense a misdemeanor.
expandWhat is probation?
Probation is a sentencing alternative that allows a defendant who has been found guilty or pled guilty to a crime to be released into the community. A person can receive probation for a felony, misdemeanors, and certain driving offenses. The individual placed on probation is expected to comply with the conditions set out by the Court, and failure to comply can result in sanctions and/or incarceration.
expandWhat is the difference between probation and parole?
Probation is a court-ordered period of supervision in the community, generally as an alternative to incarceration (prison). Parole is a period of supervised release in the community following a prison term. Probation and parole are two separate entities.


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