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Industrial Permit Public Notices
Please note that the District is considering the grant or revision of a permit, which permit/revision will allow emissions and/or changes in emissions to the ambient air, from the source.

Each proposed permit (s) or permit revision (s) include the following: the proposed permit number, company name, company address, facility location, facility type and the air contaminants to be emitted or potentially emitted (Volatile Organic Compounds will be abbreviated as V.O.C.; Hazardous Air Pollutants are abbreviated as the HAPS; Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, and Xylene are abbreviated as BTEX).

Any person who may be adversely affected by the requested permit/revision may offer oral or written objection to the terms of or issuance of such permit/revision, and may request a public hearing. Grounds for comment are limited to whether the proposed permit/revision meets the criteria for issuance prescribed in statute or rule. Objections or comments may be mailed to Pinal County Air Quality Control District, PO Box 987, Florence, AZ, 85132, or may be hand delivered to the District at the physical address shown below, or may be expressed at a hearing if one is requested. Written comments shall identify the person objecting, be signed, and clearly set forth reasons why the permit should or should not be issued. Objections, comments or a request for hearing are due during the public comment period, which ends upon the latter of thirty (30) days from the first publication of this notice or close of business on the date of any hearing that may be held.

The permit/revision application package, including a draft permit/revision, and comments and objections received, is available for inspection at the offices of the Pinal County Air Quality Control District, 31 N Pinal Street, Building F, Florence, AZ during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. Any questions regarding the proposed permit or hearing may be directed to the District at (520) 866-6929.

 Industrial Public Notices

ApplicantSource LocationPublic Comment Begins
CoreCivic of Tennessee, LLC 1750 E Arica Rd Eloy, AZ 85131Red Rock Correctional Center 1750 E Arica Rd Eloy, AZ1/6/2021
Green Fuel Technologies LLC dba GFT Ready Mix 3423 S. 51st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043GFT2 85000 E Ocotillo Rd Queen Creek, AZ1/6/2021
Florence Hospital, A Campus of Mountain Vista Medical Center 4545 N Hunt Hwy Florence, AZ 85132Florence Hospital 4545 N Hunt Hwy Florence, AZ1/6/2021
Global Water - Santa Cruz Water Company, Inc. 21410 N. 19th Ave. Suite 220 Phoenix, AZ 85027Neely North Well 22315 N. Rummier Rd Maricopa, AZ 1/6/2021
Global Water - Santa Cruz Water Company, Inc. 21410 N. 19th Ave, Suite 220 Phoenix, AZ 85027Rancho El Dorado Water Distribution Center 42918 W. Smith-Enke Rd Maricopa, AZ1/6/2021
Global Water - Santa Cruz Water Company, Inc. 21410 N 19th Ave, Suite 220 Phoenix, AZ 85027Rancho Mirage WDC 43420 W Bowlin Rd Maricopa, AZ1/6/2021


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