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Any industrial operation that has the potential to emit 5.5 pounds per day or 1 ton per year of any regulated air pollutant is required to obtain a permit from Pinal County Air Quality. The application material below must be completed and submitted in order to obtain a permit. A permit must be obtained prior to beginning construction.

PCAQCD Legal Authority

A.R.S. § 49-402 indicates that PCAQCD has jurisdiction over all stationary air pollution sources in Pinal County with the exception of the following:

  • Smelting of metal ore.
  • Petroleum refineries.
  • Coal fired electrical generating stations.
  • Air pollution by portable sources.
  • Air pollution by mobile sources.


 Industrial Source Forms

Required Forms Adobe Acrobat Version
Major Source Emission Form
(Only submit if applying for a major source) Online Fill In
Additional Information
Facility Specific Forms Adobe Version (Submit all that apply for your facility)
Online Fill In
Petroleum Liquid Storage Vessel Information Form
[For tanks not at a gas station] Online Fill In
Spray Paint Booth
Online Fill In

 Compliance Forms

Emissions Inventory Form & Instructions
Emissions Inventory Form
[Only submit if requested by PCAQCD]

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