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Minor Permit Revisions/Notifications of Change

The District has received a minor permit revision and/or notice of facility change application listed below.

Minor permit revisions may only be used for those changes at a source that satisfies all of the following:

  • Do not violate any applicable requirement
  • Do not involve substantative changes to existing monitoring, reporting, or recordkeeping requirements in the permit
  • Do not require or change a case-by-case determination of an emission limitation or other standard, or a source specific determination of ambient impacts, or a visibility or increment analysis
  • Do not seek to establish or change a permit term or condition for which there is no corresponding underlying applicable requirement and that the source has assumed in order to avoid an applicable requirement to which the source would otherwise be subject
  • Are not modifications under any provision of Title I of the clean Air Act (1990) that would result in a significant net emissions increase of any pollutant subject to regulation
  • Are not modifications under the Pinal County Hazardous Air Pollutant Program
  • Are not changes in fuels not represented in the permit application or provided for in the permit
  • The increase in the sources' potential to emit for any regulated pollutant is not significant
  • Are not required to be processed as a significant revision

Facility changes are allowed without a permit revision if all of the following apply:

  • Changes are not modification under Title 1 of the Clean Air Act or major modifications
  • Changes do not exceed the emission allowed under the permit
  • Changes do not violate any applicable requirement or trigger additional requirements
  • Changes meet all the requirements of a minor permit revision
  • Changes do not contravene federally enforceable permit terms and conditions

The application packages and associated permit revisions are available for inspection at the offices of the Pinal County Air Quality Control District, 31 N Pinal Street, Bldg F, Florence, AZ during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays. Any questions regarding the permit revisions may be directed to the District at (520) 866-6929.

ApplicantPermit NumberReceivedSource LocationType of OperationPermit Changes
Chandler Ginning CompanyC15050.R013/12/20215878 North Eleven Mile Corner Rd Casa Grande, AZCotton GinDecreasing annual/monthly bales throughput limit
Fisher Sand & Gravel Co. (Florence Plant)C31273.R012/4/202119203 North Bowling Rd Florence, AZAsphault / Aggregate ProductionAddition of non-emergency generators
Hexcel CorporationV20681.R0112/21/20201214 West Gila Bend Highway Casa Grande, AZStructural Honeycomb ManufacturingClarification regarding capture and control of emissions from different processes.
Lucid USA, Inc. (Vehicle Manufacturing Site)C31230.R0112/16/2020317 South Thornton Rd Casa grande, AZAutomobile ManufacturingRenaming the equipment and minor changes in the manufacturing process.
Sunshine Concrete & Materials, Inc. (Drake Aggregates - Queen Creek Plant)B31305.R012/10/202139401 North Schnepf Rd, San Tan Valley, AZCrushing and Wash PlantAddition of conveyors and non-emergency generator

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