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Air Quality Home

  • Access to most requested Air Quality web pages: Air Quality Report, Burn Permits, Dust Permits, Complaint Filing, Industrial Permits, Monitoring Stations, Public Notices, and Online Payments.

Air Quality Forecast

  • The Air Quality Index (AQI) Forecast is an education and outreach tool provided by Pinal County Air Quality. The forecast provides people with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their outdoor activities (i.e. limit polluting activities and/or limit potential health impacts).

Air Quality News

  • Provides listings for Training Assistance, Education Outreach, Enforcement Reports, Maps, and the history of Air Quality. Additional links are available on this page.

Air Quality Report

  • The AQI is an index for reporting daily air quality. It tells you how clean or polluted your air is, and what associated health effects might be a concern for you.
  • Definitions of Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM2.5), and Particulate Matter (PM10)
  • Links to ADEQ Air Quality Forecast and EPA Live Ozone Maps


  • PCAQCD maintains an asbestos removal/demolition notification program which administers regulations designed to minimize the release of asbestos fibers during the renovation and demolition of commercial facilities.
  • What is Asbestos?
  • Why is Asbestos a hazard?
  • Notification Requirements
  • Additional Information:
    1. Arizona Asbestos Regulatory Agencies
    2. Asbestos Neshap Regulations (Pamphlet)
    3. EPA Asbestos Regulations
  • Forms
    1. Asbestos Notification

Burn Permits

  • Burn permit program helps minimize local nuisances and possible toxic impacts.
  • Residential, Commercial, Agricultural
    1. Bonfires
    2. Training Exercise Fires
    3. Building Demolition Fires
    4. Destruction of Dangerous Material Fires
    5. Air Curtain Destructor
    6. Recreation Fires
    7. Public Officer Fires
  • Burn Restrictions
  • Office Locations
  • Additional Burn Information
    1. Burn Restrictions
    2. Area A Fireplace Ordinance
    3. Burn Permit Requirements
    4. Fire Department Information
    5. Open burning Information (Brochure)
    6. Wood Burning Handbook
  • Burn Forms
    1. Reporting Requirement

Complaint Filing

  • An online form that is available to submit complaints regarding fugitive dust, burn, or odor, or industrial sites to PCAQCD. PCAQCD maintains an enforcement capacity, to force compliance where lesser measures prove inadequate.

Contact Us

  • Postal Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Hours of Operation
  • Physical Address

Customer Survey

  • Providing the customer with the opportunity to provide feedback regarding our website


  • Provides definitions of terms used through out the PCAQCD website


  • Program was initiated to reduce complaints and particulate matter emissions from construction sites.
  • What is Particulate Matter (PM-10)?
  • What is PM 2.5?
  • What is Fugitive Dust?
  • Regulations
    1. Apache Junction PM10 Area
    2. General Area Dust
    3. Fugitive Dust Rules
    4. West Pinal PM10 Area
  • Apache Junction Dust Rules (T1N R8E)
    1. Article 4 Commercial Drives Parking & Yards
    2. Article 5 Residential Parking & Drives
    3. Article 6 Nonattainment & Area A Vehicle Parking Vacant Lots
    4. Article 7 Construction Fugitive Dust
    5. Article 8 Stabilization Vacant Lots
    6. Article 9 Test Methods
  • Documents
    1. Area A & Area C Map
    2. Nonattainment Map
    3. Public Record Request
  • Informational
    1. Dust Brochure
    2. Dust Storms
    3. Tips for Dust Storms

Exceptional Events

  • An event that affects air quality (dust storms, fires, etc.)
  • Is not controllable or preventable
  • Caused by human activity that is unlikely to recur

Flag Program

  • Using color-coded flags, schools will raise a flag that signals how healthy the air is that day.
  • Volunteer participants welcome.


Industrial Permits

  • The permits provides a yardstick to measure individual source performance, and also provide each operator with a compliance road map.
    1. Procedures
    2. Permit Application Material
    3. PCAQCD Legal Authority
    4. Additional Forms
    5. List of current Title V permits


          1. Area A - Includes Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon

              2. Area A & Area C - Includes Apache Junction, San Tan Valley, Gold Canyon,

                             Florence, Coolidge, Casa Grande, City of Maricopa, Eloy, Stanfield,

                             Arizona City

              3. Monitor Locations - Apache Junction, Casa Grande, J O Combs School,

                             Coolidge, Hidden Valley, Eleven Mile Corner, Eloy, Maricopa, Pinal  Air Park, and  

              4. Nonattainment - Apache Junction, West Pinal


  • PCAQCD operates a countywide monitoring network which verifies that local air quality meets EPA standards.
    1. Map of monitors located throughout Pinal County
    2. Reports

Online Payments

Public Notices

  • Definitions of various public notices used within PCAQCD to inform the public about proposed changes to rules/ordinances.
    1. Industrial Public Notices
    2. Minor Permit Revisions
    3. Rulemaking
    4. Monitoring Network


  • Rulemaking process
  • PM10 Stakeholder process
  • Rulemaking background documents

Rules & Regulatory Actions

  1. Complete document
  2. Individual Chapters
  3. Frequently requested sections
  4. Ordinances related to Air Quality
  5. Pinal County's Commitment to MAG 5% Plan

Travel Reduction

  • Pollution Prevention
  • Vanpool
  • Carpool
  • Telecommute
  • Bike/Walk
  • Commute Cost Calculator
  • Alternative Work Schedules
  • Employers
  • Alternative Fuel
  • Newsletter
  • Ozone Season


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