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What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is when people ride in a vehicle to a destination, which saves fuel, air pollution, and travel costs. This form of transportation is defined as having two or more people in the vehicle in order to use HOV lanes.

How does Carpooling work?

Carpools are all to do with sharing commute expenses. There are two basic types of carpool arrangements:

  • The participants use one car owned by one driver. The driver calculates his or her operating costs for the daily commute, then divides by the number of riders to determine how much each rider should contribute. The riders and driver agree to a periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) payment plan.
  • The participants can rotate car use and driving so that each person’s vehicle and time is shared equally. No money is exchanged in this arrangement.

Simple ways to carpool:

  • Share a ride to work with someone that lives close to your home.
  • Carpool with other parents taking your children to school or after school activities.
  • If you cannot carpool everyday to work, that is okay. Carpooling just one day per week can still save miles on your car and keep some money in your pocket.

To locate other carpools or to start your own, visit to search for other people interested in participating in a carpool within your area.

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