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We are a municipal animal care and rabies control facility that services communities of Pinal County. PCACC strives to continue to be a humane lifesaving operation, that provides quality care for homeless animals, while servicing the public, keeping communities educated, and ensuring the safety of people and animals in Pinal County.

Lifesaving at Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC)

PCACC sees anywhere from 3000-5500 animals come into the shelter year around. The shelter can comfortably house about 140 dogs but is typically overcrowded and houses double to triple capacity year around. In 2015, newly promoted Director, Audra Michael, had a vision for an animal care facility rather than a high-kill dog pound. We have been progressing and bettering our shelter ever since! In 2018, PCACC accomplished one of our biggest & most challenging goals. With a live release rate of, 92.7%, PCACC became not only the largest, but only open-admission shelter in Pinal County to be No-Kill. To put things in perspective, PCACC had a live release of 23.4% in 2010. In 2021, our live release rate increased to 97.4% With the shelter accomplishing its biggest feat, the team is now shifting focus on providing quality care & enrichment to our furry shelter guest and helping the community of pet owners!


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