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Pinal County New Hope Program
Any organizations that rescue animals through the New Hope Program have to be 501c3 exempt. There are no organization fees for animals rescued through the New Hope Program. Before a request for animals is valid, applicants must complete the New Hope Application Form and ensure that all requested documents are attached. Once complete, valid organizations have a temporary period to rescue animals while waiting for the contract to be reviewed and signed.
All rescued animals are released with paperwork, including information such as any microchip and vaccination information available. When it is safe, all animals are implanted with microchips before they leave the facility.
Pinal County Animal Care and Control requires proof of rabies and sterilization within 30 days of release. If a vet deems it unsafe to do either, we will require written proof from the vet with an explanation on why they are unable to be vaccinated and sterilized. If the situation changes in the future and they are able to be sterilized and vaccinated we will need written proof at that time.
Out of State Groups
The same rules and regulations apply for out of state groups. Please be aware that we do not provide transport for the animals. All rescued animals must be picked up in person by a representative able to sign the required paperwork. Because of space, we are not able to hold animals for an extended period of time.


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