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Previous Meeting Schedule
  4/14/2021Special Session Board Meeting
  4/7/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  3/24/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  3/10/2021Special Session Board Meeting
  3/3/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  2/22/2021Special Session Board Meeting 10:00 am
  2/17/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  2/10/2021Special Session Board Meeting
  2/3/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  1/27/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  1/22/2021Special Session Board Meeting 12:00 p.m.
  1/14/2021Special Session Board Meeting 2:00 p.m.
  1/13/2021Special Session Board Meeting
  1/6/2021Regular Session Board Meeting
  12/21/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  12/16/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  12/9/2020Work Session Board Meeting
  12/2/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  11/18/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  11/10/2020Special Session Board Meeting 3:00 p.m.
  11/6/2020Special Session Board Meeting 3:00 p.m.
  11/4/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  10/30/2020Special Session Board Meeting 11:00 a.m.
  10/28/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  10/23/2020Special Session Board Meeting 12:30 p.m.
  10/22/2020Special Session Board Meeting 3:00 p.m.
  10/16/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  10/14/2020Work Session Board Meeting
  10/7/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  9/30/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  9/25/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  9/16/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  9/9/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  8/26/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  8/14/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  8/12/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  8/5/2020Regular Session Board Meeting
  7/15/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  7/1/2020Regular Board Meeting
  6/24/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  6/19/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  6/17/2020Regular Board Meeting
  6/10/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  6/3/2020Regular Board Meeting
  5/27/2020Regular Board Meeting
  5/15/2020Special Session Board Meeting 10:00 a.m.
  5/6/2020Regular Board Meeting
  4/29/2020Regular Board Meeting
  4/22/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  4/8/2020Regular Board Meeting
  3/30/2020Special Session Board Meeting 3:00 p.m.
  3/25/2020Regular Board Meeting
  3/25/2020Regular Board Meeting
  3/20/2020Special Session (10:30am)
  3/18/2020Special Session
  3/11/2020Regular Board Meeting
  2/26/2020Regular Board Meeting
  2/19/2020Work Session Board Meeting- CANCELLED
  2/12/2020Regular Board Meeting
  1/29/2020Regular Board Meeting
  1/15/2020Special Session Board Meeting
  1/8/2020Regular Board Meeting
  12/20/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  12/18/2019Regular Board Meeting
  12/11/2019Work Session Board Meeting- CANCELLED
  12/4/2019Regular Board Meeting
  11/27/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  11/20/2019Regular Board Meeting
  11/13/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  11/6/2019Regular Board Meeting
  10/23/2019Regular Board Meeting
  10/9/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  10/2/2019Regular Board Meeting
  9/18/2019Regular Board Meeting
  9/11/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  9/4/2019Regular Board Meeting
  8/21/2019Regular Board Meeting
  8/19/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  8/14/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  8/7/2019Regular Board Meeting
  7/10/2019Regular Board Meeting
  6/26/2019Regular Board Meeting
  6/19/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  6/12/2019Regular Board Meeting
  6/5/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  5/29/2019Regular Board Meeting
  5/10/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  5/8/2019Regular Board Meeting
  5/1/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  4/17/2019Regular Board Meeting
  4/10/2019Work Session Board Meeting
  4/3/2019Regular Board Meeting
  3/20/2019Special Session Board Meeting
  3/13/2019Regular Board Meeting
  2/27/2019Regular Board Meeting
  2/20/2019Work Session Board Meeting
  2/13/2019Regular Board Meeting
  1/23/2019Regular Board Meeting
  1/16/2019Work Session Board Meeting
  1/9/2019Regular Board Meeting
  12/19/2018Regular Board Meeting
  11/28/2018Regular Board Meeting
  11/26/2018Special Session Board Meeting (Monday at 9:30)
  11/14/2018Special Session Board Meeting
  11/7/2018Regular Board Meeting
  10/31/2018Regular Board Meeting
  10/17/2018Special Session - Meeting begins at 1:30 p.m.
  10/11/2018Pinal County BOS Joint Study Session with Casa Grande City Council - 2:00 PM
  10/10/2018Regular Board Meeting
  9/19/2018Regular Board Meeting
  9/5/2018Regular Board Meeting
  8/29/2018Regular Board Meeting
  8/15/2018Special Session Board Meeting
  8/8/2018Regular Board Meeting
  7/25/2018Regular Board Meeting
  6/27/2018BOS Regular Session
  6/6/2018BOS Regular Session
  5/30/2018BOS Regular Session
  5/18/2018Special Session - Meeting begins at 9:00 a.m.
  5/16/2018Work Session - Meeting begins at 1:00 p.m.
  5/9/2018BOS Regular Session
  5/3/2018Work Session (HUD Educational Session) - 1:00 p.m.
  4/23/2018Special Session
  4/18/2018BOS Regular Session
  4/11/2018Special Session
  4/4/2018BOS Regular Session
  3/28/2018BOS Regular Session
  3/21/2018Work Session
  3/14/2018BOS Regular Session
  2/28/2018BOS Regular Session
  2/14/2018Work Session
  2/7/2018BOS Regular Session
  1/24/2018BOS Regular Session
  1/17/2018Work Session
  1/10/2018BOS Regular Session
  12/27/2017No Meeting
  12/20/2017Regular Session
  12/13/2017Work Session
  12/6/2017Regular Session
  11/29/2017No Meeting
  11/22/2017No Meeting
  11/15/2017Regular Session
  11/8/2017Work Session
  11/1/2017Regular Session
  10/25/2017No Meeting - CSA Legislative Summit
  10/18/2017Regular Session
  10/11/2017Work Session
  10/4/2017Regular Session
  9/27/2017No Meeting
  9/20/2017Regular Session
  9/13/2017Work Session
  9/6/2017Regular Session
  8/30/2017No Meeting
  8/23/2017Regular Session
  8/16/2017Special Session - Tax levies and rates
  8/9/2017Work Session
  8/2/2017Regular Session
  7/26/2017Regular Session
  7/19/2017Special Session- Meeting will begin at 11:00 A.M.
  7/12/2017Regular Session
  7/5/2017No Meeting
  6/28/2017No Meeting
  6/21/2017Regular Board Meeting
  6/14/2017Special Session
  6/7/2017Regular Board Meeting
  5/31/2017Special Session
  5/24/2017No Board Meeting
  5/17/2017Regular Board Meeting
  5/10/2017Work Session
  5/3/2017Regular Board Meeting
  4/27/2017Work Session
  4/26/2017No Board Meeting
  4/21/2017Special Session
  4/19/2017Regular Board Meeting
  4/13/2017Work Session
  4/12/2017Special Session
  4/5/2017Regular Board Meeting
  3/29/2017No Meeting
  3/22/2017Regular Board Meeting
  3/15/2017Work Session
  3/8/2017Regular Board Meeting
  3/1/2017No Board Meeting
  2/22/2017No Board Meeting (NACo Legislative Conference)
  2/15/2017Regular Board Meeting
  2/8/2017No Meeting
  2/1/2017Regular Board Meeting
  1/25/2017Regular Board Meeting
  1/18/2017No Meeting
  1/11/2017Special Session
  1/4/2017Regular Board Meeting
  12/28/2016No Meeting
  12/21/2016BOS Regular Session
  12/14/2016BOS Regular Session
  12/7/2016No Meeting
  11/30/2016BOS Regular Session
  11/28/2016Special Session
  11/23/2016No Meeting
  11/21/2016Special Session
  11/16/2016BOS Regular Session
  11/9/2016Special Session
  11/2/2016BOS Regular Session
  10/26/2016No Meeting
  10/19/2016BOS Regular Session
  10/5/2016BOS Regular Session
  9/28/2016No Meeting
  9/21/2016BOS Regular Session
  9/7/2016BOS Regular Meeting
  8/31/2016No Meeting
  8/24/2016BOS Regular Session
  8/17/2016Special Session
  8/15/2016Special Session
  8/10/2016BOS Regular Session
  8/3/2016No Meeting
  7/27/2016No Meeting
  7/20/2016BOS Regular Session
  7/13/2016Work Session
  7/11/2016Special Session
  7/6/2016BOS Regular Session
  6/22/2016No Meeting
  6/15/2016Regular Board Meeting
  6/8/2016Work Session
  6/1/2016Regular Board Meeting
  5/25/2016No Meeting
  5/18/2016Regular Board Meeting
  5/11/2016Special Session
  5/4/2016Regular Board Meeting
  4/27/2016No Meeting
  4/20/2016Regular Board Meeting
  4/13/2016Regular Board Meeting
  4/6/2016No Meeting
  3/30/2016Regular Board Meeting
  3/23/2016No Board Meeting
  3/16/2016Work Session
  3/9/2016No Board Meeting
  3/2/2016Regular Board Meeting
  2/24/2016No Board Meeting
  2/17/2016Regular Board Meeting
  2/10/2016Work Session
  2/3/2016Regular Board Meeting
  1/27/2016No Board Meeting
  1/20/2016Regular Board Meeting
  1/13/2016No Board Meeting
  1/6/2016Regular Board Meeting
  12/30/2015No Meeting
  12/23/2015No Meeting
  12/16/2015BOS Regular Session
  12/9/2015BOS Regular Session
  12/2/2015No Meeting
  11/25/2015No Meeting
  11/18/2015BOS Regular Session
  11/11/2015No Meeting
  11/4/2015BOS Regular Session
  10/28/2015BOS Regular Session
  10/21/2015Work Session
  10/14/2015No Meeting
  10/7/2015BOS Regular Session
  9/30/2015No Meeting
  9/23/2015BOS Regular Session
  9/16/2015No Meeting
  9/9/2015Special Session
  9/2/2015BOS Regular Session
  8/26/2015BOS Regular Session
  8/19/2015No Meeting
  8/12/2015Work Session
  8/5/2015BOS Regular Sesson
  7/29/2015No Meeting
  7/22/2015BOS Regular Session
  7/15/2015Work Session
  7/8/2015BOS Regular Session
  7/1/2015No Meeting
  6/24/2015BOS Regular Session
  6/17/2015No Meeting
  6/10/2015Work Session
  6/3/2015BOS Regular Session
  5/27/2015BOS Regular Session
  5/20/2015NO Meeting (NACo)
  5/13/2015Work Session
  5/6/2015BOS Regular Session
  4/29/2015No Board Meeting
  4/22/2015BOS Regular Session
  4/15/2015Special Session
  4/8/2015BOS Regular Session
  4/1/2015No Board Meeting
  3/25/2015No Meeting
  3/24/2015Work Session
  3/24/2015Special Session
  3/18/2015BOS Regular Session
  3/11/2015Work Session
  3/4/2015BOS Regular Session
  2/25/2015No Meeting
  2/18/2015BOS Regular Session
  2/11/2015Work Session
  2/4/2015BOS Regular Session
  1/28/2015BOS Regular Session
  1/21/2015No Board Meeting
  1/14/2015Work Session
  1/7/2015BOS Regular Session
  12/31/2014No Meeting
  12/24/2014No Meeting
  12/17/2014BOS Regular Session
  12/10/2014Special Session
  12/3/2014BOS Regular Session
  11/26/2014No Meeting
  11/20/2014Special Session
  11/19/2014BOS Regular Session
  11/12/2014Work Session
  11/5/2014BOS Regular Session
  10/29/2014Work Session
  10/22/2014No Meeting
  10/15/2014BOS Regular Session
  10/8/2014No Meeting (CSA Legislative Summit)
  10/1/2014BOS Regular Session
  9/17/2014BOS Regular Sesson
  9/10/2014Work Session
  9/3/2014BOS Regular Session
  8/20/2014BOS Regular Session
  8/13/2014Special Session
  8/6/2014BOS Regular Session
  7/23/2014BOS Regular Session
  7/16/2014Work Session
  7/9/2014Special Session
  7/2/2014BOS Regular Sesson
  6/25/2014No Board Meeting
  6/25/2014Work Session (Strategic Planning)
  6/18/2014BOS Regular Session
  6/11/2014Work Session
  6/4/2014BOS Regular Session
  5/28/2014BOS Regular Session
  5/21/2014No Board Meeting (NAACo)
  5/14/2014Special Session
  5/14/2014Special Session
  5/7/2014BOS Regular Session
  4/30/2014BOS Regular Session
  4/23/2014No Board Meeting
  4/16/2014Work Session
  4/9/2014BOS Regular Session
  4/2/2014No Board Meeting
  3/26/2014Regular Board Meeting
  3/19/2014Work Session
  3/12/2014Regular Board Meeting
  3/5/2014No Board Meeting
  2/27/2014Special Session
  2/26/2014No Board Meeting
  2/26/2014Work Session - Strategic Planning Meeting

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