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Budget Office Documents

The Pinal County Adopted Budget is produced and published by the Pinal County Budget Department after the adoption of the Budget, in June each year, by the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. The Budget document has been formatted in portable document format (PDF). The annual budget includes all appropriations for the County. The development of the Pinal County budget is an open process designed to reflect the needs and desires of the county residents. The purpose of the budget document is to provide county management with a financial and operating plan that conforms to the county's accounting system.

 Budget Year 2021/2022

 Budget Year 2020/2021

 Budget Year 2019/2020

 Budget Year 2018/2019

 Budget Year 2017/2018

 Budget Year 2016/2017

 Budget Year 2015/2016

 Budget Year 2014/2015

 Budget Year 2013/2014

 Budget Year 2012/2013

 Budget Year 2011/2012

 Budget Year 2010/2011

 Budget Year 2009/2010

 Budget Year 2008/2009

 Budget Year 2007/2008

 Budget Year 2006/2007

 Budget Year 2005/2006

 Budget Year 2004/2005

 Budget Year 2003/2004

 Budget Year 2002/2003


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