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Submit a Complaint
Please follow the next easy steps to report a violation online.

If you are unable to submit a complaint electronically, please send an e-mail by clicking here.
Step 1: Give us the address or intersection
Complaint Address:  
Parcel Number:  
Step 2: Describe the violation
Brief description of violation: 
Step 3: Enter the Contact Information
It is the policy of the Code Compliance Division that complainant information is collected solely for the purpose of initiating an investigation. If complainant information is requested, the requestor shall be referred to the Records and Information Management Office.
Please provide us with information so that the officer can contact you should they have additional questions, cannot locate the violation, etc. * First and Last Name and either Phone or an Email address is required.

Complete information must submitted, with name, telephone or email, if not provided the complaint will not be investigated.
Complainant's Information
First Name:  
Last Name:  
Phone Number:  
Email Address:
Step 4: Click the "Submit" button
This complaint will then be given a Complaint Number that you can use later to track the case. Please call 520-866-6442 to get the complaint number and to get an update from an officer.

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