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Fee Schedule

Tentative Plat - First Review$600.00 per Plat
Tentative Plat - Subsequent Reviews$600.00 per Plat
Final Plat - First Review$300.00 per Plat
Final Plat - Subsequent Reviews$300.00 per Plat
expandSubdivision Plans & Reports
All Improvement Plans - First Review$125.00 per Sheet
All Improvement Plans - Subsequent Reviews$50.00 per Sheet
Drainage Report - First Review$750.00 per Report
Drainage Report - Subsequent Reviews$750.00 per Report
Traffic Impact Analysis - First Review$750.00 per Report
Traffic Impact Analysis - Subsequent Reviews$750.00 per Report
Traffic Control Plan - First Review (Includes Second Review Fees)$30.00 per Plan
Traffic Control Plan - Third Review and any Subsequent Reviews$30.00 per Plan
expandNon-Subdivision Plans & Reports
Grading and Drainage Plans - All Reviews$50.00 per Sheet
Utility Plans - All Reviews$40.00 per Sheet
expandOther Plans & Reports
Reviews Not Referenced Above (One Hour Minimum)$90.00 per Hour
Specialized Reports (One Hour Minimum)$90.00 per Hour

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