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Fee Schedule

Address Numbering Change$68.00
expandBoard of Adjustments
BOA Application Residential and Appeals 500 or more mailouts$500.00
BOA Application commercial, industrial or transitional 500 or more mailouts$2,399.00
expandComprehensive Plan
Non-Major Comp Plan Amendment 500 or more mailouts$4,824.00
Area or Neighborhood Plans 500 or more mailouts$5,292.00
Non-Major with Accompanying Zone Change$3,354.00
expandConcept Review
Pre Application Meeting Wireless$140.00
Pre Application Meeting more than 5 acres$490.00
expandFactory Built Building
Factory Built Building Commercial (per linear foot)$4.50
expandGroup Home
expandIndustrial Use Permit
Industrial Use Permit (IUP) with Accompanying Zone Change$2,477.00
IUP Without Zone Change 500 or more mailouts$4,824.00
expandLot Combination
expandMinor Land Division
Minor Land Division (MLD)$272.00
expandMobile Home/Park Model
Tentative Plat Pre-App.$210.00
Tentative Plat Subsequent Reviews (Per sheet)$63.00
Final Plat First Review (An additional $114.00 per sheet)$330.00
Final Plat Landscape Plans First Review (Per sheet)$114.00
Final Plat Residential Design Review (Per sheet)$66.00
Third Party Trust No Lots Sold$497.00
Third Party Trust Waiver Request$197.00
On-Site Signs$57.00
Comprehensive Sign Package$1,187.00
expandSite Plan
Site Plan Administrative Review (An additional $131.00 Per Sheet that are reviewed by all Depts.)$825.00
Site Plan Administrative Review: Public Works (Per sheet)$40.00
Site Plan Substantive First Review: Planning (Per sheet reviewed)$60.00
Site Plan Substantive Subsequent Reviews (An additional $143.00 Per Sheet that are reviewed by all Depts.)$483.00
Site Plan Substantive Subsequent Reviews: Public Works (Per sheet. An addtional $750.00 each for traffic and drainage reports.)$20.00
expandSpecial Density
Special Density Permit Renewal$69.00
expandSpecial Event
Special Event Permits Large (over 1,000 participants - per day)$150.00
Special Event Late Fee Large (over 1,000 participants)$83.00
expandSpecial Use Permit
Special Use Permit (SUP) 500 or more mailouts$750.00
expandTemporary Use
Temporary Use Permit$427.00
Zoning Clearance - Solar Photovoltaic$45.00
Rezoning 500or more mailouts $4,880.00
PAD without Zone Change 500 or more mailouts $4,824.00
PAD Minor Amendment$392.00

Resubmittal of Project Fees

Resubmittal of Projects that meet the definition shown below are 50% of the original fees that have not been refunded

Definition of Resubmitted Project:

Projects that fall within the County’s official Project Review Time frames, which includes: Group Homes, Sign Permits, Temporary Signs, Comp Sign Review and Site Plan Review for projects that are not part of a Master Planned Community, if an application was denied because revisions were not submitted within the allowed timeframe or withdrawn, and the applicant resubmits before that original application has been destroyed in conformance with State Law.


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