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Pinal County Attorney's Office Veterans Program

Veterans Court

In collaboration with the Pinal County Superior Court, Adult Probation and Public Defender’s Office, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office works as a team to reintegrate veterans who are involved in the criminal justice system by affording them opportunities to regain stability in their lives, find housing or employment if needed, and acquire services for physical and psychological healthcare as well as substance use issues.

The Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) Program is not diversion as the defendant may not avoid jail or prison entirely and not all veterans or crimes will be eligible for the program. If the defendant is found suitable for the program, it is still the defendant's option to participate.

On a case by case basis the VTC team will work together to assess potential mental health, substance abuse, and employment issues, prescribe treatment possibilities, identify treatment services, and work one-on-one with the veteran to reintegrate him/her back into society.

If you or someone you know is a veteran facing criminal charges in Pinal County, they should ask their defense counsel to notify the assigned prosecutor on the case.


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