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Memos to the Board of Supervisors
BOS-Memo-2020-10-26-Racetrack.pdf10/30/2020Attesa Racetrack Update
BOS-MEMO-2020-10-12-Election-Security.pdf10/12/2020Election Security
BOS-MEMO-2020-10-05-Public-Works-Update.pdf10/5/2020Public Works Update
BOS-memo New Public Defender.pdf9/22/2020New Public Defender
BOS-memo Air Quality.pdf9/18/2020Air Quality Open Burn Permit Issuance Delay
BOS-memo PCADC Incarceration Costs.pdf9/18/2020PCADC Incarceration Costs
2020-09-09-PC-Water-Update.pdf9/9/2020Pinal County Water Update
2020-09-04-Code-Compliance-SOP.pdf9/4/2020Code Compliance Standard Operating Procedure
2020-08-19-bos-memo-detention-officer-pay-step-plan.pdf8/19/2020Detention Officer Pay Step Plan
2020-08-18-bos-memo-purchase-approvals.pdf8/18/2020County Manager Purchase Approvals
2020-08-18-bos-memo-peralta-regional-park-update.pdf8/18/2020Peralta Regional Park Update
BOS-FY-2020-2021-Projected-Mandated-Payments.pdf7/2/2020FY 20/21 Projected Mandated Payments
BOS-MEMO-REOPENING PINAL COUNTY SERVICES.pdf5/22/2020Reopening Pinal County Services
BOS Memo - County Relief SIGNED.pdf5/4/2020County Relief
BOS Memo - Pinal County Air Quality Permit B31219.00.pdf4/24/2020Pinal County Air Quality Permit #B31219.00
BOS Memo - Recognition of Emergency Management From GRIC _ SIGNED.pdf4/2/2020Recognition of Emergency Management
BOS Memo - DOC inmates housed at PCADC _ SIGNED.pdf4/1/2020DOC Inmates Housed at Pinal County Adult Detention Center
BOS Memo - Emergency Manage Expenses 3.27.20 SIGNED.pdf3/31/2020Emergency Manage Expenses
BOS Memo - UI Initial Claims SIGNED.pdf3/30/2020UI Initial Claims
Memo - Eagleview Pictometry SIGNED.pdf3/19/2020Eagleview Pictometry
BOS Memo - Elections during COVID-19 SIGNED.pdf3/19/2020Elections during COVID-19
BOS Memo - Nextdoor App Update SIGNED.pdf3/12/2020Nextdoor App Update
BOS Memo - Launch of Nextdoor App SIGNED.pdf3/6/2020Launch of Nextdoor App
BOS Memo - Rough Draft Wastewater Legislature SIGNED.pdf3/2/2020Rough Draft Wastewater Legislature
BOS Memo - Compensation Elected Officials SIGNED.pdf2/25/2020Compensation Elected Officials
BOS Memo - General Election Ballots SIGNED.pdf2/25/2020General Election Ballots
BOS Memo - Property Tax Reduction SIGNED.pdf2/25/2020Property Tax Reduction

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