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Be Prepared
Individuals who prepare themselves for an emergency or disaster incident will recover from the incident quicker.  Here are steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family for an unexpected emergency or disaster incident.

Find out what are the potential hazards in Pinal County.
A Hazards are categorized under two classifications - natural and man-made.  The following are the potential natural and man-made hazards that may impact Pinal County.

Natural hazards include floods, severe thunderstorms and lightning, strong winds and dust storms, winter storms, drought, extreme heat and wildfires.

Man-made include pandemic, home fires, power outages/blackouts, hazardous materials releases (fixed facilities and transportation), household chemical emergencies, cyber attacks, nuclear/radiological (power plant/medical facilities), riots and terrorist events.

For additional information on specific hazards in your area go to:

Disaster Planning
Create an individual or family disaster plan.  Every household should have a disaster plan!  Meet with your family members and discuss why you need to prepare for a disaster.  Discuss and explain the dangers of the various hazards that may impact your home or your community. 

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Prepare an Emergency Kit
An emergency kit is assembled so that in a time of emergency you are prepared ahead of time.  It is possible that you will need to survive on your own after an emergency and this kit should have all the basic yet essential items you will need for at least 72 hours.  Your kit should contain food and water, items in case there is a power shortage, and other items such as personal hygiene supplies and copies of important documents.  For additional information on preparing an emergency kit, please use: or


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