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Elected and Appointed Officials of Pinal County

Board of Supervisors
  Kevin Cavanaugh
District 1
Mike Goodman
District 2
Stephen Q. Miller
District 3
Jeffrey McClure
District 4, Chairman
Jeff Serdy
District 5, Vice-Chairman
County Officials
  Douglas Wolf
County Assessor
Kent Volkmer
County Attorney
Dana Lewis
County Recorder
Jill Broussard
County School Superintendent
Mark Lamb
County Sheriff
Michael McCord
County Treasurer

Superior Court 

Hon. Stephen F. McCarville, Presiding
Presiding Civil Judge

Hon. Kevin D. White
Superior Court Associate Presiding Judge
Hon. Joseph R. Georgini
Presiding Family Law Judge

Hon. Barbara A. Hazel

Hon. Steven J. Fuller

Hon. Daniel A. Washburn
Juvenile Presiding Judge

Hon. Jason R. Holmberg
Presiding Criminal Judge

Hon. Karen F. Palmer
Hon. Delia Neal

Hon. DeLana J. Fuller

Hon. Richard T. Platt

Hon. Lawrence A. Wharton

Hon. Dwight P. Callahan

Hon. Robert C. Olson
Presiding Probate Judge  

Hon. Patrick K. Gard

Rebecca Padilla
Clerk of the Superior Court

Justice of the Peace
  Hon. Shaun Babeu
Pioneer Justice Court
Hon. John Ellsworth
Casa Grande Justice Court
Hon. Brett Eisele
Central Pinal Justice Court  
Hon. Lyle Riggs
Western Pinal Justice Court
Hon. Nancy Discher
Copper Corridor Justice Court
Hon. Douglas Coleman
Apache Junction Justice Court


Mal Osgood
Precinct 1 - Constable
Pioneer Justice Court

Scott Elliot 
Precinct 2 - Constable 
Casa Grande Justice Court 

David Irvin

Precinct 3 - Constable 
Central Pinal Justice Court

Glenn Morrison
Precinct 4 - Constable 
Western Pinal Justice Court

Mike Sloan
Precinct 5 - Constable 
Copper Corridor Justice Court

Ted Gremmel
Precinct 6 - Constable
Apache Junction Justice Court


     Appointed County Officials

    Leo Lew
   County Manager
    Natasha Kennedy
   Clerk of the Board

     Leadership Organizational Chart including Department Directors

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