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Exit Interview Questionnaire
1. What is your last day of employment with Pinal County:   
2. How long have you been employed with Pinal County:
3. Will your next job be in a related field:
4. What is your next job:
5. Who is your next employer:
6.  Please rate your satisfaction with the following on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=Low, 5=High)
    Low       High
A. Training
B. Quality of Supervision
C. Utilization of my skills
D. Recognition of my achievements
E. Cooperative, friendly work environment
F. Organizational support
G. Overall level of communication
H. Communication with co-workers
I. Communication with supervisor
J. Salary
K. Benefits
7. Why are you leaving County employement?

8. What might have encouraged you to remain with Pinal County?

9. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=Strongly Disagree, 5=Strongly Agree) how do you agree with the following statements:
A. My supervisor is approachable
B. My supervisor is knowledgeable in his/her own job
C. My supervisor treats all staff with equal respect
D. My supervisor actively supports my career growth
E. My supervisor welcomes suggestions / ideas
F. My supervisor resolves complaints & grievances in a timely manner
G. My supervisor consistently follows policies & procedures
H. My supervisor provides clear communication through staff meetings, one-on-one feedback
10. What part of your job did you enjoy most?
11. What part of your job did you enjoy least?
12. Additional Comments:
13. Would you recommend Pinal County as an employer?
  Employee Name:
  Phone Number:

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