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Listed below are the Pinal County Policies & Procedures along with the Merit Rules governing our workplace. Simply click on the Icon or Name of a Policy or Rule to read its contents.


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collapse01.00 General
pnp 1.05  Ethics in County Employment6/15/2016
pnp 1.10  General Provisions and Purpose6/15/2016
pnp 1.20  Employment Eligibility Verification6/15/2016
pnp 1.30  Political Activity12/16/2020
pnp 1.40  Outside Employment6/15/2016
pnp 1.50  Dress Code and Uniforms6/15/2016
pnp 1.60  Volunteer Service Program6/15/2016
pnp 1.70  Policy Developments and Review Process7/10/1993
pnp 1.80  Elections Workers6/15/2016
pnp 1.85  Pinal County Historic 1891 Courthouse Meeting Facility Use Policy1/9/2019
pnp 1.90  Use of County Issued Cell Phone, Smart Phone or Other Wireless Devices; Use of County Issued Identification/Access Cards6/15/2016
pnp 1.95  Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement6/15/2016
collapse02.00 Workplace Safety & Security
pnp 2.10  Security5/17/2017
pnp 2.20  Searches5/17/2017
pnp 2.30  Work Spaces5/17/2017
pnp 2.35  Occupant Emergency Plans5/17/2017
pnp 2.40  Computer Software Management5/17/2017
pnp 2.45  Use of Login Banners5/17/2017
pnp 2.50  Electronic Mail and Scheduling System5/17/2017
pnp 2.60  Internet Access and Usage5/17/2017
pnp 2.65  Social Media Use Policy6/7/2017
pnp 2.70  Radio Communications5/17/2017
pnp 2.75  Pinal County Geographic Information Systems6/4/2008
pnp 2.80  Confidentiality and Employee Records5/17/2017
pnp 2.85  Cost Recovery for Release of Public Data5/17/2017
pnp 2.90  Personnel Record Keeping5/17/2017
pnp 2.95  Responding to Requests for Public Records5/17/2017
collapse03.00 Terms & Conditions of Employment
pnp 3.00  Recruitment and Selection Process3/28/2018
pnp 3.05  Background Investigations12/9/2009
pnp 3.10  Equal Employment/Affirmative Action3/28/2018
pnp 3.15  Unlawful Discrimination and/or Harassment3/28/2018
pnp 3.16  Unlawful Discrimination and/or Harassment Justice Court Judicial Officers and Employees11/6/2018
pnp 3.20  Nepotism3/28/2018
pnp 3.30  Code of Conduct3/28/2018
pnp 3.35  Conflict of Interest3/28/2018
pnp 3.40  Workplace Violence3/28/2018
pnp 3.50  Hours of Work3/28/2018
pnp 3.51  Alternative Work Schedules11/4/2019
pnp 3.52  Telework3/28/2018
pnp 3.55  Grant Funded Employees 3/28/2018
pnp 3.60  Discipline3/28/2018
pnp 3.61  Grievance Process3/28/2018
pnp 3.65  Administrative Investigations3/28/2018
pnp 3.80  Gift Policy3/28/2018
pnp 3.90  Separation & Exit Interview Process8/26/2020
pnp 3.95  Constructive Discharge3/28/2018
pnp 3.96  Reduction In Force3/28/2018
pnp 3.97  County Owned and Take Home Vehicles3/28/2018
pnp 3.98  Calculation of Fringe Benefits on County-Owned and Take Home Vehicles3/28/2018
collapse04.00 Wage & Salary Administration
pnp 4.20  Wage and Salary Administration8/4/2021
pnp 4.25  Evaluation and Compensation Plan4/21/2017
pnp 4.28  Compensation Plan Maintenance4/19/2017
pnp 4.30  Shift Differential6/27/2018
pnp 4.40  On-Call9/22/2019
pnp 4.50  Travel Time7/11/2001
pnp 4.60  Training Funding7/11/2001
pnp 4.80  Personal Vehicle Use and Loss/Damage Reimbursement11/12/2003
pnp 4.85  Overtime Compensation6/27/2018
pnp 4.90  Overtime Management6/29/2005
collapse05.00 Training and Education
pnp 5.30  Tuition Reimbursement Program5/25/2011
pnp 5.40  Degree Attainment Program7/10/1993
pnp 5.50  Cooperative Education Work Experience Program7/10/1993
collapse06.00 Health and Safety
pnp 6.10  Drug-Free Workplace1/3/2018
pnp 6.30  Smoking, Vaping, and Tobacco Products4/21/2021
pnp 6.40  On-The-Job Injury and Illness/Workers Compensation5/7/2002
pnp 6.41  Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan8/4/2010
pnp 6.41  Policy and Procedure: Blood-borne Pathogen Exposure Control Policy8/4/2010
pnp 6.45  Respiratory Protection Program8/4/2010
pnp 6.50  Reasonable Accommodation8/16/1999
pnp 6.60  AIDS and Other Life-Threatening Illnesses7/10/1993
pnp 6.69  Hazardous Communication Program8/4/2010
pnp 6.70  Employee Assistance Program10/1/1997
pnp 6.71  Traumatic Event Counseling for Peace Officers and Public Safety Employees1/9/2019
pnp 6.80  Vehicle and Equipment Operation3/28/2018
collapse07.00 Benefits
pnp 7.10  Community Civil Service Leave 9/20/2022
pnp 7.20  Holidays8/21/2008
pnp 7.30  Vacation Leave8/10/2016
pnp 7.35  Health Time Off3/28/2018
pnp 7.40  Family Medical Leave10/18/2012
pnp 7.45  Bereavement Leave7/6/2016
pnp 7.50  Sick Leave6/27/2018
pnp 7.60  Miscellaneous Leaves With Pay7/10/1993
pnp 7.65  Leaves of Absence Without Pay9/6/2000
pnp 7.68  Continuation of Benefits Coverage2/13/2019
pnp 7.80  Military Leave9/6/2000
pnp 7.85  Victim's Leave12/3/2003
pnp 7.90  COBRA7/10/1993
pnp 7.92  Early Retirement Incentive Program2/11/2009
pnp 7.94  Van Pool Operations and Public Transit Subsidies7/1/2013
pnp 7.95  Guaranteed Ride Home12/21/2011
pnp 7.96  Employee Recognition and Awards10/31/2007
collapse08.00 Accounting Policies and Procedures
pnp 8.05  Establishing Bank Accounts4/4/2007
pnp 8.10  Cash Receipts10/5/2005
pnp 8.20  Alternate Funding/Grants 8/26/2020
pnp 8.30  Signature Authorization7/10/2006
pnp 8.40  Weapons Policy7/10/2006
pnp 8.50  Pinal County Travel Policy5/8/2013
pnp 8.60  Food Guidelines12/6/2006
pnp 8.70  Petty Cash Policy6/4/2009
pnp 8.71  Donations and Fundraising6/7/2017
pnp 8.72  Employee Discount Program6/7/2017
pnp 8.80  Capital Assets7/1/2009
pnp 8.90  Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Definitions5/25/2011
pnp 8.91  Vehicle Replacement10/1/2013
collapse09.00 Procurement
pnp 9.10  Article 1 - General Provisions2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 2 - Procurement Organization2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 3 - Source Selection and Contract Award2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 4 - Specifications2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 5 - Construction and Specified Professional Services2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 6 - Contract Clauses2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 8 - Materials Management2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 9 - Legal and Contractual Remedies2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 10 - Intergovernmental Procurement2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 12 - Ethics in Public Contracting2/28/2018
pnp 9.10  Article 13 - On-Line Bidding2/28/2018
pnp 9.20  Procurement Card Policy11/4/2015
pnp 9.30  Contractor Travel Policy12/18/2019
collapse10.00 Property
pnp 10.10  Personal Property Donation1/10/2007
pnp 10.20  Real Property Donation1/10/2007
pnp 10.30  Naming of Real Property Assets9/17/2008
pnp 10.40  Vehicle and Equipment Marking5/19/2011
pnp 10.50  Master Facilities Planning and Construction Committee8/10/2011
collapse11.00 IT Information Security
pnp 11.00  IT Information Security Policy8/26/2020
pnp 11.01  Organization of Information Security8/26/2020
pnp 11.02  Acceptable Use of Information Technology8/26/2020
pnp 11.03  Access Management8/26/2020
pnp 11.04  Asset Management8/26/2020
pnp 11.05  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery8/26/2020
pnp 11.07  Compliance8/26/2020
pnp 11.10  Information Security Risk Management2/3/2021
pnp 11.11  Logging and Event Monitoring8/26/2020
pnp 11.12  Operations Management8/26/2020
pnp 11.13  Physical and Environmental Security8/26/2020
pnp 11.15  Third party Information Security8/26/2020
collapseLaw Enforcement Officers Merit System Rules
BOS Resolution 073113 - LEMC
Rule 1.00 Definitions
Rule 2.00 General Provisions
Rule 3.00 Council Procedures
Rule 4.00 Recruitment/Examination Process
Rule 5.00 Registers
Rule 6.00 Certification & Selection of Applicants
Rule 7.00 Appointment/Assignment
Rule 8.00 Probationary Period
Rule 9.00 Promotion, Demotion, Transfer, and Reassignment
Rule 10.00 Separations/Dismissals
Rule 11.00 Appeals
Rule 12.00 Classification Plan
Rule 13.00 Ethics/Conduct
Rule 14.00 Disciplinary Actions
collapsePinal County Merit Rules
Rule 1.00  Definitions
Rule 2.00  Administration of the Merit System9/20/2017
Rule 3.00  Pinal County Employees Merit Commission
Rule 4.00  Announcements, Selection Process, and Examinations
Rule 5.00  Application Files
Rule 6.00  Certification and Selection of Eligible Applicants3/22/2017
Rule 7.00  Appointments9/19/2001
Rule 8.00  Promotion, Demotion, and Transfer
Rule 9.00  Promotion of Commissioned Law Enforcement Officers
Rule 10.00  Terminations
Rule 11.00  Probationary Periods
Rule 12.00  Disciplinary Actions and Administrative Suspension3/22/2017
Rule 13.00  Grievance and Appeal Procedure9/20/2017


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