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Health Hero
/HR/WellnessProgram/HealthHeroePics/OnTheVineFarms.jpgGuy Gillespie

"Guy Gillespie with On the Vine Farms is an amazing farmer!"

Guy Gillespie with On the Vine Farms is an amazing farmer! He is so friendly and his produce is amazing! The produce is always fresh, organic, and lasts until my family has time to eat it all. I once asked him about one of his vegetables and said I almost saved the seeds so I could plant some for myself. He told me to let him know and he would bring me some seeds. I told him I may take him up on the offer when my schedule is a little less busy. I love that he takes the time to chat with me for a few minutes and his veggies are the best I have had in a long time! I look forward to continue buying produce from him for a long time. You can’t beat the flavor, freshness, and the fact that he delivers to the workplace.


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