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Rehabilitation Program

The Pinal County Division of Housing will assist qualified residents in repairing and rehabilitating their homes using money provided by state and federal grants.

The goal of the program is to benefit very low, low and moderate families living within Pinal County but not within the incorporated limits of a city or town. This program will provide safe, affordable housing for income qualified families and improve the quality and appearance of the overall housing stock in Pinal County and the overall environment within Pinal county.

This is an equal opportunity program and will assist qualified low/moderate income persons. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability or familial status. Pinal County encourages participation by women & minorities in this project.

Housing Characteristics

 Home repairs a homeowner can request but not limited to
 Roof is old and in need of replacement or is leaking
 Windows/doors are old, leak and I can feel drafts
 Water lines leaking or corroded
 Heating or cooling system inadequate or not working properly and in of repair or replacement
 Water heater not working and in need of repair or replacement
 Electrical problems such as sparking, breakers tripping or bare wires showing
Drains or sewer system in need of repair or replacement

Programa de rehabilitacion

La División de Vivienda del Condado de Pinal ayudará a los residentes calificados a reparar y rehabilitar sus hogares utilizando dinero proporcionado por subvenciones estatales y federales.

El objetivo del programa es beneficiar a familias muy bajas, bajas y moderadas que viven dentro del condado de Pinal pero no dentro de los límites incorporados de una ciudad o pueblo. Este programa proporcionará viviendas seguras y asequibles para familias que reúnan los requisitos de ingresos y mejorará la calidad y la apariencia del conjunto de viviendas en el condado de Pinal y el medio ambiente en general dentro del condado de Pinal.

Este es un programa de igualdad de oportunidades y ayudará a personas calificadas de ingresos bajos / moderados. No discrimina por motivos de raza, color, religión, origen nacional, discapacidad o estado familiar. El condado de Pinal fomenta la participación de mujeres y minorías en este Proyecto.

If you qualify and are selected

Following verification of the information on your application and title ownership, your home will be inspected by a housing rehabilitation specialist.

Once inspection is competed and a work write-up is done, bid packages will be given to you to contact at least three (3) contractors to bid on your home for the rehabilitation work.

A forgivable, non-interest bearing loan (Deferred Payment Loan {DPL}) will be issued to you as a qualified applicant. The loan is secured by a lien and promissory note that will be forgiven at a rate of 10% per year for a period of between ten and 15 years as long as the dwelling is occupied by the owner.

The unforgiven balance of the loan shall become due and payable upon the sale, exchange, or transfer of the property.

The loan amount will be based on the cost to complete the necessary rehabilitation work on your home.

Si califica y es seleccionado

Luego de verificar la información en su solicitud y la propiedad del título, su casa será inspeccionada por un especialista en rehabilitación de viviendas.

Una vez que se haya completado la inspección y se haya realizado un informe del trabajo, se le entregarán paquetes de licitación para que se comunique con al menos tres (3) contratistas para licitar por su casa para el trabajo de rehabilitación.

Se le otorgará un préstamo condonable que no devenga intereses (Préstamo de pago diferido {DPL}) como solicitante calificado. El préstamo está garantizado por un gravamen y pagaré que será condonado a una tasa del 10% anual por un período de entre diez y 15 años siempre que la vivienda esté ocupada por el propietario.

El saldo no perdonado del préstamo será exigible y pagadero en el momento de la venta, intercambio o transferencia de la propiedad.

El monto del préstamo se basará en el costo para completar el trabajo de rehabilitación necesario en su hogar.


Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation (OOHR) / Capital Fund Program (CFP)

  • Ensure safe and sanitary housing for persons living in the community and/or County-owned homes through the administration of federal funds.
  • Administer state and federal grant money to rehabilitate low income, owner occupied, single family dwellings through CDBG in unincorporated areas.
  • Revitalization of county-owned public housing (rehab, construction).
  • Allow people to get on with their lives and overcome/deal with housing barriers.
  • Allowing people to concentrate on the important aspects of living rather than a roof over their heads




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