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New look for Pinal County Animal Care and Control Lobby
Date: 4/22/2020

Florence, Arizona - Audra Michael, director of the Pinal County Animal Care and Control, shared the first time she step-foot into the facility back in 2011. Overall the office is not very big. The layout of the lobby made it look even smaller. There was glass surrounding the entire front office above the desks with a tiny mail slot for you to give the staff your information. A large glass door restricted others from viewing the animals. People would have to wait for someone to escort them past the intimidating entrance to see the animals. In short, the office was not inviting.

As time went on, steps for improvement was always a goal. In hopes of looking more open, all glass was removed, which helped with the appearance, but it was still physically too small. If more than three people were in the lobby, it was too close for comfort. Also, through the years, the need for more staff created some concerns. There wasn't enough proper space for work stations.

What recently made the difference was opening up and removing walls. The Animal Care and Control team is now delighted with the new lobby. There is now adequate room for several work stations in an open environment without walls separating staff. The inviting changes also prompted the idea to repaint, the previous colors not favored by staff. Many still chuckle how the colors resembled potty training for pets. Colors are now bright and accent the rest of the decor in the office.

"The physical changes made were subtle, but it has made a world of difference to our team. We want to thank the Board of Supervisors for assisting Animal Care and Control with funding, and also Archie Carreon, director of the Pinal County Facilities department and the rest of his team for doing the work needed to make the space possible. The improvements help tremendously with productivity, and have allowed us to add touches of comfort," expresses Michael. "Everyone that visits is so impressed with the new remodel, and will say it doesn't even appear to be an animal shelter environment."


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