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Pinal County BOS Unanimously Approve Litigation to Compel Distribution of CARES Act funds from the State of Arizona
Date: 5/15/2020

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has today unanimously approved the motion to request the County Attorney to pursue and file litigation securing Pinal County's need for a fair share of CARES Act distribution funding. The CARES Act is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

They also authorized the Chairman to prepare and send a letter to the Governor advising him of the purpose and outcome of today's meeting. That letter is included above.

In the 3-hour session in Florence, the Board heard from a large number of Pinal County cities and towns, as well as local businesses, about how they've struggled to cope with the financial impact of COVID-19. They also heard from food banks and victim support groups who have seen significantly increased demand since the outbreak began.

County Attorney Kent Volkmer told the Board that Maricopa and Pima Counties and the Cities of Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson have received around $175 Per Capita for their residents, totaling nearly $1 Billion. These counties and cities have populations of more than 500,000, so were able to obtain their CARES Act funds directly from the Federal Government.

Meanwhile, the State of Arizona was provided with $1.85 Billion to distribute to the remaining 13 Arizona counties, all of whom have populations less than 500,000. Pinal County has an estimated population of 462,789.

Despite requests from the Pinal County Chairman, County Manager, Supervisors, and Pinal County Mayors, the Governor has so far refused to release any of these funds, which are crucial in keeping rural small businesses alive.

Therefore Volkmer suggested the County can initiate a lawsuit in the Federal Courts against the Secretary of Treasury, the basis being an Equal Protection Claim.

Mr. Volkmer's presentation is attached below. The entire meeting is available to view at


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