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Pinal County Board of Supervisors Drop Litigation Against Federal Government After State of Arizona Announces Distribution of CARES Act Funds
Date: 5/27/2020
The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has today dropped its lawsuit against the Federal Government, after Governor Doug Ducey announced distribution of Cares Act funds to the Arizona counties, cities and towns who had yet to receive funding.
Governor Ducey announced a $441 million distribution, of which Pinal County will receive $27,170,006.
Additionally, cities and towns in Pinal County will receive the following:
Apache Junction** (42,236) $4,848,970
Casa Grande (58,632) $6,731,338
Coolidge (13,130) $1,507,410
Eloy (19,625) $2,253,079
Florence (27,422) $3,148,226
Kearny (2,168) $248,901
Mammoth (1,687) $193,679
Maricopa (52,127) $5,984,522
Queen Creek** (5,922) $679,884
Superior (3,178) $364,855
Winkelman** (3) $344
**These cities and towns cross county borders, figures represent portion in Pinal County.
Board of Supervisors Chairman Anthony Smith gave a statement after hearing the news. The full statement can be viewed by clicking the video below.
In it, Smith states, "We're very grateful to the Governor for making distribution to the small counties and cities, especially Pinal County and our communities who have also caught the blunt of this COVID-19 virus and the expenses associated with it."
On the dropping of the lawsuit, Smith commented, "We want to reiterate that the lawsuit was not against the State of Arizona, but it was against the Federal Government."
With per capita distribution working out at $114.80, compared to around $175 for Arizona counties and cities who received their Cares Act funding directly from the Federal Government, Smith added that he hoped this would not be the end of the distribution, "We're hoping for an additional distribution as this crisis continues to move forward, the meter is running for us as far as additional costs and an additional distribution would be very much welcomed."

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