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Important Milestone in Pinal County as SB 1274 Passes into Legislation
Date: 2/12/2021


Pinal County Board of Supervisors Chairman Stephen Miller is delighted to announce that SB 1274 has today passed into legislation.

SB 1274 is referred to as the Plat Revision Legislation. It allows owners of certificates of assured water attached to a Plat to reconfigure the Plat and flexibility on types of uses. The Bill locks in the amount of water permitted through the certificate of assured water, meaning the Plat can use no more water consumption than was originally issued to the certificate.

Chairman Miller, who also Chairs the Pinal Active Management Area (AMA) Stakeholders' Group, stated, "This is a good day for the Pinal AMA Stakeholders' Group, in having our first legislation signed. I am aware it is only the first step of many in finding our water solutions in Pinal County, but it is a groundbreaking approach to water management and legislation.

This Bill was crafted from the hard work of multiple members of the Stakeholders Group. I particularly want to thank my two Vice Chairmen, Bill Garfield, and Jake Lenderking, and I also want to thank the Arizona Department of Water Resources for their staff's time and cooperation while crafting this legislation."

Bill Garfield, who as well as serving as Vice-Chair, retired as Arizona Water Company's President and COO in May 2019, added, "This legislation represents a community-based solution and a reasonable approach to a problem. I and others in the community look forward to continued efforts to tackle other water challenges in Pinal County and the Pinal Active Management Area. My thanks to all involved, especially the State's legislators and the Governor's office."

Fellow Vice-Chair Jake Lenderking, who also serves as Director of Water Resources for Global Water Resources, commented, "Pinal County is in the crosshairs of new development and water scarcity. Through the Pinal Water Stakeholder process, we were able to find a path that allows for some development to move forward while using less water.

A true consensus bill, garnering bipartisan support, broad stakeholder support, and of course legislative support. A big thanks to all. The Bill is a product of a considerable effort by so many people – a big thank to you all and to Supervisor Miller for leading the Stakeholder Group."


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