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Pinal County Board of Supervisors Nonprofit Funding
Date: 3/5/2021

Nonprofit Funding

FLORENCE, AZ - Pinal County is accepting grant applications from Non-profit and External Agency Partners for projects that align with the county’s strategic goals. Grants are provided through the County's general fund to eligible agencies who contribute to the County's cultural, social, and economic vitality by addressing a community need and promoting benefits to the general public.

Here are some highlights about the application process:

  • The Pinal County Board of Supervisors invites nonprofit service providers to apply for fiscal year 2021/2022 funding for specific projects or programs that provide measurable benefits to Pinal County residents.

  • The application packet is available on the Pinal County website:

  • Applications will be accepted March 8, 2021 – April 5, 2021. All applications must be submitted by April 5, 2021 before 5:00 p.m.

  • Completed applications may be submitted electronically to [email protected] or to the County Grants Office at P.O. Box 1348, Florence, AZ 85132. Mailed applications must be received by the due date and time.

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted and returned to the applicant.

  • A funding committee will review and score all applications based on the scoring matrix provided in the application packet. Guidance from the committee will ensure applicants meet the requirements to suit community needs and promote benefits to the general public, as opposed to special interests or persons.

  • The funding committee will convene between 4/6/2021 – 4/23/2021.

  • The committee will present the results of the scoring to the Board of Supervisors on May 5, 2021.

  • Notification of awards and executed funding agreements will be due June 4, 2021 for Board approval on June 23, 2021. The project and funding agreement period is July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.
  • Questions regarding the grant may be directed to the County Grants Administrator at (520) 866-6422.



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