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National Air Quality Awareness Week!
Date: 4/28/2021

May 3-7, 2021 is National Air Quality Awareness Week!

"Healthy Air Is Important for Everyone!”

Daily topics that will be covered by AirNow:

• Monday: Wildfires & Smoke
• Tuesday: Asthma & Your Health
• Wednesday: Citizen Science & Sensors
• Thursday: Environmental Justice Communities & Air Quality
• Friday: Air Quality around the World

AirNow is the United States’ one-stop source for current Air Quality information using the Air Quality Index (AQI). Multiple agencies including the US EPA, NOAA, NASA, US National Park Service and county/state air agencies partner to create live, searchable air quality data via mapping tools as well providing extensive information on different air quality topics such as ozone pollution, health, wildfires, and educational tools and resources.

Visit to find out more during Air Quality Awareness Week. Social Media Challenge: Tag @airnow in your social media posts of you enjoying clean air while recreating outside and include this year’s hashtag #AQAW2021

What Can You Do? Take the time to inform yourselfair quality affects your health, your environment, and your quality of life. Protect yourselfLimit your exposure to outdoor air on High Pollution Advisory Days and during dust storms; Buy an indoor air filter and change your HVAC filters often. Inform otherstalk to your family about air quality issues. Teach your children about air quality. Change Your Habitstry carpooling to work, fill up your gas tank in the evenings when it’s cool, choose green products with less chemicals like low-VOC paint. Take precautions for your health, especially if you or a family member have a condition like asthma.

Check the local air quality forecasts: Pinal County Air Quality Forecast; ADEQ Phoenix Metro Forecast; AirNow Fire & Smoke Map.

Wondering about alternative transportation such as carpools, vanpools, or local public transit?

Central Arizona Regional Transit (CART): Pick-up/Drop-off locations are located in Florence, Coolidge, CAC, and Casa Grande. Call CART at (520) 723-7195 for times and exact locations or visit Monthly Pass: $60, County Reimbursement: $39.00. Your cost: $21.00! o Keep up-to-date with CART on Facebook!

Carpool Resources: Visit or to view local registered carpoolers in our area or register and create your own! o If you carpool to work, please be sure to submit a Carpool Registration Form and a Guaranteed Ride Home Form to the Travel Reduction Program Coordinator to be eligible to enter for upcoming drawings and the GRH program. The PDF forms are linked on the intranet. Email or interoffice mail them to TRP Program Coordinator.

Walking / Biking Resources 
AllTrails Website: Best AZ Road Biking 
Arizona Trail Association: Mountain Biking



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