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Pinal County Strategic Plan 2017-2020

In June 2017, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved an updated County Strategic Plan. The process, which included elected officials and staff from across the organization, is the continuation of a "best practice" which began in 2008 and garnered Pinal County an International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Certificate of Excellence in 2012. The updated Pinal County Strategic Plan emphasizes:
  • Dynamic Live-work-play communities;
  • Business needs met to assure stability and growth;
  • Infrastructure that fosters growth and sustainability;
  • Sound and safe financial stewardship;
  • Talented employees that serve citizens well;
  • Technology that results in safety and efficiency. 

Why Develop a Strategic Plan?

Strategic planning is the process of identifying long-term goals and objectives then determining the best approach for achieving those goals and objectives. There are many advantages to using this methodology, but in short, strategic planning:
  • Requires county leadership to look into the future, providing an opportunity to influence the future;
  • Defines the vision and mission of county government and focuses leadership on goals and objectives;
  • Provides better awareness of organizational direction, needs and continuity;
  • Helps bring all county employees into an integrated service deliver system providing standards of accountability for people, programs and allocated resources.

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