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National Organization Recognizes Pinal County’s Performance Management

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors is pleased to learn that the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) has awarded the county’s performance management program with its highest honor.

The ICMA Center for Performance Measurement announced this month that Pinal County’s Performance Management program warranted a Certificate of Excellence from the organization.

“This award reaffirms what we set out to do in 2007-2008 – to put the taxpayer first by prioritizing programs, transparency, accountability, cost reduction and overall improvement,” Pinal County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman David Snider said. “Performance measures provide us as policy and budget managers with a roadmap – and lets taxpayers measure how their tax dollars are spent,” he concluded.

Pinal County’s Performance Management was judged to meet or exceed eight standards of criteria put in place for the Certificate of Excellence. The criteria included:
  • Reporting of performance data to the public through budgets, newsletters and/or information provided to elected officials
  • Data verification efforts to ensure data reliability
  • Staff training
  • Use of performance data in strategic planning and operational decision making
  • Sharing of performance measurement knowledge with other local governments through presentations, site visits and other networking
  • Commitment to tracking and reporting key outcomes
  • Surveying of both residents and local government employees
  • Effective and timely reporting
ICMA’s Center for Performance Management gauged Pinal County’s performance management efforts over a period of time and compared it to other government organizations. Pinal County is one of 26 jurisdictions nationwide to be honored with this award.

“This shows how much Pinal County progressed since 2008 in adopting measurable standards that encourage goal-setting, achievement and performance improvement using current best practices,” said Kent Taylor, administrator of Pinal County’s Performance Management program.

“This program is the foundation for how we serve the public,” Taylor said. “The program forces each of us to focus on the results we are delivering to our internal and external customers.”

Pinal County Performance Management

Pinal County is committed to being a high performance organization. To this end, the County is committed to strategically planning through long term goals, measuring results, and comparing these results to appropriate benchmarks, while striving to improve its operations by analyzing data to make informed decisions. In an effort to be transparent and promote public trust, it is the County's intent to provide performance information to the public that demonstrates progress towards achievement of long term goals and improvement of operations.

Pinal County Performance Management is the name given to our performance management program. This program emphasizes the following best practices:

  • Countywide strategic planning that identifies strategic priorities with the goal of allocating resource to those priorities;
  • Delivering services in a cost effective way with the long term goal of tying funding to countywide strategic priorities/department performance measures;
  • Using performance data to make informed operational decisions;
  • Improving long-range planning, i.e. better identifying infrastructure needs before they become critical;
  • Fostering more departmental communication, and the integration of work and service delivery;
  • Improving accountability and responsibility in serving the public; and
  • Ensuring Pinal County is a competent, ethical and effective organization.

If you have questions regarding Pinal County Performance Management please contact Kent Taylor at 520-866-6910 or [email protected] 



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