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Date: 6/18/2020 1:21 PM
Fire Information Phone line:  520-276-8981 and 520-329-7439
Hours: 8 am - 8 pm
For additional information from Pinal County please call our Citizen Contact Center: 520-509-3555
Fire Information:
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(The PENS system is set up for sending emergency notifications through various means based on the request from either the local fire department or fire district, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office or the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  During the fire incidents such as Bighorn, the EOC takes the direction from Fire or Law Enforcement for issuing warnings and evacuation orders.  The system is typically not used for providing overall information.)
Floods Follow Fires
Wildfires can significantly alter the ground conditions in a watershed resulting in an increased risk of flooding and debris flows to downstream properties.  Vegetation is removed from the watershed and the soil's surface becomes coated in ash and soot which significantly reduces the ground's ability to soak up rainfall.  Depending on factors such as burn severity and the overall health of the watershed in the pre-burn condition, flooding risks can more than double for low-lying areas near existing washes and floodplains.
The Arizona monsoon season has already begun and National Weather Service predictions indicate that there is a potential for monsoon activity in the Bighorn fire region as soon as this week.  Residents that live or own structures in low-lying areas around the Bighorn fire are urged to use caution and to take the necessary steps to prepare to post-fire flood conditions.  The Pinal County Public Works Department will have sandbags and sand available to area residents from Bighorn fire at the following locations:
San Manuel Material Pit
Golder Ranch Fire
Station #372
Oracle Maintenance Yard
31256 S Erickson Avenue San Manuel, AZ
65462 E Catalina Hill
Tucson, AZ
1410 N Justice Drive
Oracle, AZ
*Firefighters will not be available to assist with sandbags*
7am - 2pm
7am - 2pm
5:30am - 4pm
*Pinal County Public Works can only provide sandbags and sand

*Residents would need to bring their own shovels to load bags

*Pinal County limits 50 sandbags per household
Please note: Hours of operation is Monday thru Friday excluding observed holidays. Requests for sandbags outside of regular business hours of operation need to be made by calling the after hours number.
For Information call: 520-866-6419
After Hours: 520-866-5111
Pinal County Flood Control District also urges that all residents and homeowners living below the Bighorn Fire area should consider purchasing flood insurance if they don't have a policy already in place.


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